I am a member of the Washington Off-Highway Vehicle Alliance [WOHVA web site,]. Due to my knowledge of computers, GIS, and mapping, I was asked by the Board of Directors if there was a way to create a "one-stop" web site (similar to the Minnesota DNR web site) to list all the 4x4, ATV, and dirt bike areas and trails in the state of Washington. Currently these are listed in numerous web sites. The Board pointed me to the MN DNR web site as an example. I discovered it was created using free software. Since WOHVA is a non-profit organization, we do not have funds to purchase expensive software, I replied we could probably do something like that.

Currently (2/2/2009), we do not have the website up and running using MapServer. We are currently gathering information about these OHV areas and trails. You can check out our web site at [WOHVA Washington State Off-Highway Areas/Trails Catalog web site,].


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