Instructions to install PHPMapScript on Fedora Core

These instructions were sent to mapserver-users by Lindsay C. Blanton:

To get php_mapscript working properly on a Redhat Fedora box, I used the following steps:

  1. Download the php-devel rpm from Redhat and install
  2. Compile mapserver with the --with-php=/usr/include/php option
  3. Copy mapserv to /cgi-bin
  4. Copy the file into /usr/lib/php4/
  5. Create a php wrapper script ( for the php cgi and save it into /cgi/bin:
  6. Add the following action handlers for phtml (and/or .php) files in


    Action phtml-script /cgi-bin/
    AddHandler phtml-script .phtml 

Now apache calls the php cgi for mapscript php files, and the php apache module is called for everything else.

Hope this helps someone out there using preinstalled Linux distributions.

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