Add a dynamic point to a layer with min/maxscaledenom

This shows you how to add a point like a city to your mapscript and to use min/max scaledenom to make the feature appear or disappear depending on your scale.


// example written by mdev and special thanks to ue and others on #mapserver that helped me resolve the issues

ini_set("display_errors", 1); // show errors for debug

//dl(''); // if you need to load

$map_path="../mapfiles/"; // set these to your path
$map = ms_newMapObj("../mapfiles/"); // set to your mapfile

// city layer

$layer = ms_newLayerObj($map);
$layer->set("status", MS_ON);
$layer->set("type", MS_LAYER_POINT);

$layer->set("minscaledenom", 70); // <------ Shows up if denom<71 and doesn't show if denom>=71
// you can change min to max or add another if you want for the other way around

// add new class to new layer
$class = ms_newClassObj($layer);

$class->label->set("font", "arial-bold");
$class->label->color->setRGB(0, 222, 31);
$class->label->set("size", 10);
$class->label->set("type", MS_TRUETYPE);
$class->label->set("position", MS_CR);
$class->label->set("antialias", TRUE);

$style = ms_newStyleObj($class);
$style->color->setRGB(0, 0, 0);
$style->set("size", 8);
$style->set("symbol", 1);
$style->set("antialias", TRUE);

$point = ms_newPointObj();
$point->setXY(-0.12, 51.50);

$line = ms_newLineObj();

$pointShape = ms_newShapeObj(MS_SHAPE_POINT);
$pointShape->set("text", "London");


echo $map->scaledenom . '<br>'; // to check what your denom is
//$map->save("/tmp/"); // if you want to save mapfile to see your output


     <TITLE>Example 1: Displaying a map</TITLE>
     <IMG SRC=<?php echo $image_url; ?> >

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