MapServer Project Report for 2007-2008

Presented at the 2008 OSGeo Annual General Meeting in Cape Town, October 2, 2008.

Progress on incubation

... finally about ready to graduate

5.2 release in July 2008

  • Nearly 200 tickets were closed as part of this effort.
  • Notable features and enhancements include:
    • MapServer users manual (docs wrapped into a single downloadable PDF)
    • Performance enhancements for large shapefile handling (following Geoserver comparison)
    • Performance enhancements for AGG rendering (an order of magnitude faster in some cases)
    • Rendering improvements:
      • fuzzy label outlines for AGG
      • style-level opacity for AGG
      • quantization and palette support for PNGs and RGBA modes
      • pre-clip label point computation (helps in tile generation)
    • OGC Web Services:
      • WCS 1.1.0 support (RFC-41)
      • SOS 1.0.0 support
      • WFS 1.1.0 support
      • Compliance testing (WMS 1.1.1 ready to certify)
    • proxy and http authentication support for cascaded WMS requests
    • Support for auth cookie forwarding (RFC-42)
    • Direct tile generation for Google Maps API (RFC-43)
    • Native Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Support (RFC-38)
    • extent (e.g. shpext, mapext) template tag attribute handling
    • Simplified Template Support for Query Output (MS RFC 36)
  • Thanks to all contributors (devs, docs, testers, $$). Special thanks to the USACE for funding lots of that work.

What's coming

  • 5.4 release early 2009
  • Tuning and performance optimizations
  • New features / enhancements:
    • WMS 1.3.0
    • KML output
    • XML mapfile???
    • Rendering enhancements:
      • fractional line width (0.5 pixel lines with AGG)
      • label positioning enhancements (following comparison with Geoserver)
      • and many others as detailed in RFC 45
      • unified rendering API (merge GD, AGG, etc...), this is a *hopefully* pending GD 3.0
      • label text transformations RFC 40
      • hoping that a OpenGL renderer will be donated to the project???
    • URL-based configuration expansion (RFC-44)
    • scale-dependent tile index support
  • Docs/demos
    • Docs: debugging and tuning guide
    • Work on a new website or improve existing site
    • New mapserver demo (based loosely on the OpenLayers functional demos)


  • Number of members on lists:
    • users: 1843
    • dev: 339
  • Welcome 3 new committers:
    • Jeff McKenna
    • Paul Ramsey
    • Alan Boudreault
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