MapServer Sites

Let's use this page to list sites that use MapServer, until a formal gallery is developed. Please use the following format:

  • site: MN DNR Recreation Compass
  • description: Application designed to allow users to better understand the relationships between various recreation opportunities in Minnesota, and to access detailed information about those opportunities
  • specs: MapServer 5.2, TileCache 2.01, OpenLayers 2.6 & a bit of custom code
  • contact: Steve Lime

  • site: MapsGeek
  • description: Online thematic mapping website.
  • specs: MapServer 5.4.2, a lot of home code
  • contact: Alexandre Lagache

  • site:
  • description: Commercialization and development of web GIS solutions using MapScript.
  • specs: Silverlight + MapScript 6.0 + Delphi wrapper to MapScript.
  • contact: Fabrizio Vita

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