INSPIRE Download Service

The INSPIRE Download Service is to the INSPIRE View Service what WFS is to WMS: it allows access to the actual data rather than just a rendered map. This page is a collecting point for initial ideas and information, prior to drawing up an RFC for INSPIRE View Service support. Please add any links/information/thoughts to this page!

Two methods for downloading the data should be provided: "Direct access download service" is largely WFS2.0, whereas "Pre-defined datasets or pre-defined parts of dataset" could just be prepared files (or WFS2.0 Stored Queries).

The catch with INSPIRE View Service is likely not to be the syntax of the interface, but the requirement to support the INSPIRE Data Specifications, i.e. deliver results according to predefined complex GML Application Schemas: this goes above and beyond what is possible with current MapServer JOIN support as it requires true joins between spatial layers and not joins from spatial objects to non-spatial objects / attributes.

A proper analysis of the requirements will only be possible once the final specification is available!


Current (?) public drafts:

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