20/5 Work Done

  1. Tried out rendering for circles and another symbols.
  1. Compiled MapServer in both Windows and linux successfully,with some changes
  1. Read SVG web graphics developers book for better flexibility on svg
  1. Aquired some more knowledge on Cairo to support backends like PNG image, PDF file, SVG file on a GTK window.
  1. Generated basic SVG files using cairo,researching circle styling.

Plan for coming weeks

  1. Confirm my present status and knowledge with my mentor and start of the coding !
  1. Create sandbox "svg-symbols" in which I will do my work, Or need to wait until it is merged into the main trunk. If possible delay it until we come into a final decision.
  1. Participate in Discussions with dev's on which approach we need to go,avoid approaches which may be of heavy weight

Best Regards


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