HI all here is my second weekly report of GSoC project MapServer


Work Done

  1. Read the complete documentation of the MapServer.

  1. I successfully executed all the source code of the present edition of MapServer from svn.

  1. Tried to get familiar with the New rendering library Cairo (researching on how to interface it with the oldones with out totally effecting the present functionality of MapServer).

  1. Took some tutorials to get familiar with the Graphics rendering library Cairo ,for SVG symbolization.

Plan for next week

  1. Still need research on how to successfully render svg objects to MapServer.
  1. I should continously survey on the new rendering API,how to use it.
  1. How can we replace all the past renderers with the ones provided by cairo.

  1. Huge research needed ,on how to use Cairo's features for implementing svg symbolization,try getting familiar with cairo's sources.

  1. Execute some simple example Svg files using Cairo surfaces

  1. I still need to spend more and more time for adding this feature successfully to MapServer


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