Building MapServer (GDAL/OGR) with DODS Support

These instructions are for Linux/UNIX builds. Note tried on windows yet.

Download the following package from the DODS Unidata site which is at http://dods/dods-test/home/download/clientSource.html:


3rd Party Packages (libxml2, libcurl, librx):

Unpack these under a common directory, for instance /u. They will then all unpack into a /u/DODS tree. Build them by cd'ing into /u/DODS and doing a "configure" and "make". This will place the various libraries and include files in /u/DODS/lib and /u/DODS/include. Don't worry about failures building ncview and other applications. We don't need those.

If you are building on a platform that requires the -fPIC flag for code to be included in a shared library (such as Solaris), make sure you provide it when configuring the DODS code. Just the the CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS environment variables to -fPIC before running the DODS configure.

  % setenv CFLAGS -fPIC
  % setenv CXXFLAGS -fPIC
  % configure
  % make

Next download, configure and build GDAL with DODS support. The DODS support is in constant work, so download a nightly snapshot of the GDAL source, not the 1.1.9 release. When you configure it, use the --with-dods-root=/u/DODS (or whatever path you used).

You shouldn't need to do anything special with MapServer. All the magic is in GDAL/OGR.

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