Tags to remove from template processing in 6.0:

  • all _esc tags, replace with a general string tag processor that handles various encodings
  [layers_esc] => [layers escape="url"]   
  • layer/group state management tags, those that manage checkboxes and select lists (no replacement)
  • zoom direction state management tags (no replacement)
  • zoom size state management tags (no replacement)
  • all extent _esc tags (this functionality is already in 5.6)
  [mapext_esc] => [mapext escape="url"]
  • all extent part tags (e.g. [minx] or [refminx]) (this functionality is already in 5.6)
  [minx] => [mapext format="$minx"] or
  [refmaxx] => [refext format="$maxx"]
  • all item_raw and _esc tags, use [item ...] tag instead, leave the shortcut [itemname] tags in place
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