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Coordinate system mixup in wfs geometry queries? wfs_filter_projmeter_beyond fails

Reported by: warmerdam Owned by: assefa
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Component: WFS Server Version: unspecified
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The wfs_filter_projmeter_beyond.xml test in msautotest/wxs/ fails for me in trunk. It returns an empty resultset instead of the expected features.

The request is:

# Verify BEYOND Results:  all but Sydney excluded
# RUN_PARMS: wfs_filter_projmeter_beyond.xml [MAPSERV] 
<Distance units='dd'>0.05</Distance></Beyond></Filter>" > [RESULT]

The problem seems to be confusion about coordinate systems. In msQueryByOperator() in this code segment:

    /* identify target shapes */
    searchrect = qshape->bounds;

#ifdef USE_PROJ
    if(lp->project && msProjectionsDiffer(&(lp->projection), &(map->projection)))
      msProjectRect(&(map->projection), &(lp->projection), &searchrect); /* project the searchrect to source coords */
      lp->project = MS_FALSE;
    status = msLayerWhichShapes(lp, searchrect);

the searchrect is initially {minx = -152.77994996202705, miny = -46.499949962027038, maxx = 32.41994996202704, maxy = 138.69994996202703} but the reprojection goes from a map coordinate system of EPSG:3347 (LCC) instead of the geographic coordinate system that would presumably be more appropriate.

I believe lots of other tests are also failing for related reasons, but I picked one to isolate.

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comment:2 Changed 11 years ago by assefa

fix committed in r10347 for the beyond operator described here. test case now passes.

Note that few tests were failing due to #3173. They now pass.

There are still a couple of equal tests that I need to fix in the wfs test suite.

comment:3 Changed 11 years ago by warmerdam

Resolution: fixed
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Fix confirmed, thanks!

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