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Test MapServer against OGC SOS 1.0.0 compliance test engine

Reported by: tomkralidis Owned by: nsavard
Priority: normal Milestone: 6.0 release
Component: SOS Server Version: svn-trunk (development)
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Subject: [swe.wg] CITE testing of SOS and SPS 1.0 - who has gotimplementations?

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CITE tests have been developed for SOS and SPS 1.0. We seek feedback on the test scripts and supporters. Please, if you have developed a service compliant with these specification versions, please have a look at the scripts or even execute them against your implementation.

Best regards,
Johannes Echterhoff

P.S.: Here is the official announcement from Greg Buehler:
> Dear OGC Technical and Planning Committee Members:
> The following compliance tests are available for beta testing from 9 
> Jan
> - 30 Jan 2008:
>      * WFS 1.1.0 (xlink processing),
>      * CSW 2.0.2,
>      * ebRIM profile of CSW 1.0.0,
>      * SOS 1.0,
>      * SPS 1.0,
>      * WCS 1.0.0 (this is an existing test that has been
>                   ported to work in the new Engine)
> To test your implementation against any of the new compliance tests, 
> go to the TEAM Engine at
> Feedback from implementers is critical to the robustness of OGC 
> compliance tests.   Please report any bugs, questions or concerns by 
> sending an email to
> The CITE team will be updating the scripts in response to your issues 
> on a weekly basis during the beta testing period.
> There is a new process for accepting compliance tests into the OGC 
> Compliance Test Program.  This process includes the policy that each 
> test must be supported by 3 implementing organizations before it will 
> be put to a TC vote.  Please submit your intention to be a supporter 
> of a compliance test by sending an email to the 
> mailbox.

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comment:1 by tomkralidis, 16 years ago

FYI I've made some changes in r7413, r7414, r7415, r7416

comment:2 by dmorissette, 15 years ago

Milestone: 5.6 release6.0 release

SOS Compliance testing has started and is tracked at wiki:MapServerOGCCITECompliance

Do we still need this ticket?

comment:3 by tomkralidis, 15 years ago

Good question. If the wiki page will be the area to track, then let's close, else let's keep this ticket open until SOS 1.0.0 compliance.

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