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NOTE: To ensure a reasonable download size, the NuGet? and zip packages of mg-desktop only bundles a subset of the CS-Map coordinate system dictionary files. As a result, some coordinate system transformations may fail if using a coordinate system that's not common or well-known. In such cases, you should copy over the full set of Coordinate System dictionary files from an existing MapGuide Open Source application into your mg-desktop based application

Here you can find the latest mg-desktop packages for download.

NuGet packages for mg-desktop are also available. Simply search for mg-desktop in the NuGet? gallery of the NuGet? package manager.

Or you can install the latest version from the NuGet? Package Manager console in Visual Studio


Install-Package mg-desktop-x86
Install-Package mg-desktop-viewer-x86


Install-Package mg-desktop-x64
Install-Package mg-desktop-viewer-x64

zip packages for mg-desktop can be found below

Latest Release

mg-desktop 3.1.1 (64-bit):

mg-desktop 3.1.1 (32-bit):

Older Releases

mg-desktop 3.1 (64-bit):

mg-desktop 3.1 (32-bit):

mg-desktop 3.0 (64-bit):

mg-desktop 3.0 (32-bit):

mg-desktop 2.6.1 (64-bit):

mg-desktop 2.6.1 (32-bit):

mg-desktop 2.6 (64-bit):

mg-desktop 2.6 (32-bit):

mg-desktop 2.5.2 (64-bit):

mg-desktop 2.5.2 (32-bit):

mg-desktop 2.4.1 (64-bit):

mg-desktop 2.4.1 (32-bit):

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