Debug Web Tire with Visual Studio on Windows

this is very similar with debugging !mapguide server with visual studio except one difference.

If the debugging of a php file returns no error in Visual Studio does not mean it will succeed as a http request. Running a php file in visual studio has nothing similar as sending a http request to web server. However, it may tell you that the real problem may lie on web server configuration.

for example, in the following screenshot, testCreateMap.php may run through without any error, but when open a browser to its address, internal server error may be thrown without any detailed information. If this happens, you will know nothing wrong with the !mapguide server nor with web tier application, and you may want to dive into web server configuration for clues.

The best way to debug web tier is to use mapagent. Open browser to http://localhost:8008/mapguide/mapagent, click links in the left panel, click Submit button on right panel, look at the response page for any errors, for more details, read the Build, Install, Configure Guide

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