Debug MapGuide Server with Visual Studio on Windows 7


  • Windows 7/xp
  • Visual Studio 2008

Debugging Step by Step

  1. check Solution Configuration and Solution Platform are consistent for all the projects

  1. right click a project to bring up project Properties windows, check Common and configuration properties for clues if you have library, output issues, etc.

  1. Set up a breakpoint: open a source file, put mouse cursor where you want to create a breakpoint, then go to menu bar, Debug->Toggle Breakpoint

  1. Once the breakpoint is set, right click a project, select Set as Startup Project from the context menu

  1. right click the project again to bring up the properties windows, click Debugging, in the popped up windows, set proper values for Command, Command Arguments, Working Directory, etc, then click Ok to close the windows. After all, go to Debug->Start Debugging

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