Patch submission guidelines

This page describes how to submit patches to MapGuide Open Source.

Prerequisite: coding guidelines section of Getting Involved as a Contributer.

Prerequisite: you need to be subscribed to the mapguide-internals mailing list.

Attach patch to the applicable trac ticket. Mail the mapguide-internals mailing list and state that there is a patch available for review. Start the subject line with PATCH: Ticket nnn <ticket description>. In the message body include any details that will be useful to anyone reviewing the change (especially include a link to the ticket).

The patch itself should be in unified diff format (e.g., "svn diff", "diff -u" or if you are using Tortoise SVN use the "Create Patch..." command).

A patch submission should contain one logical change; please don't mix N unrelated changes in one submission — send N separate emails instead.

Once the patch has been submitted, expect some feedback from reviewers of the patch. It may take several rounds of feedback before the patch is applied by a committer. If you don't get a response and don't see the patch applied, it's fine to repost and point out that you're still waiting for a response. The best person to make sure that the patch gets applied is you.

Typically, the discussion of the patch should happen within the ticket and not in mapguide-internals.

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