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The fifteenth meeting of the MapGuide PSC will take place Thursday December 6th at 17:00 UTC (1:00 PM ET / 11:00 AM MT / 10:00 AM PT).

Meeting Chair: Bob Bray

Universal Time:

Location: The meeting will be held on IRC at #mapguide


  • MapGuide Open Source 2.0 Beta 2
  • Availability of MGOS 2.0 Beta Test Servers
  • Enabling Subversion Post Commit Hooks
  • Other Business?


<rbray>	Ok, sorry about that. I am ready to start.
<rbray>	Tom can you give us an update on the Beta.
<tomf1>	Yes
<tomf1>	We are upgrading the MGOS isntalls to the latest FDO beta posted on
<tomf1>	We should have new installs available for next week. It will also have GDAL 1.4.4 compliant FDO provider
<tomf1>	so ECW and MrSID support will be back
<tomf1>	So beta 2 early next week
<tomf1>	That's it.
<rbray>	Where are we with bugs.
<tomf1>	Oh, some more of the documentation should come back online too, as I get around to that.
<rbray>	Will it also include a new fusion drop, with some bug fixes / enhancements?
<tomf1>	It will include bug fixes in all aspects of the product.
<tomf1>	I'll try to set up a trac query that has the list of fixed tickets between the two builds. I don't have that right now
<rbray>	Anyone have any concerns? Any specific items that need to be addressed for Beta 2 beyond what Tom mentioned?
<geojason>	There were some installer issues...
<geojason>	like adding the json mime type properly, and...
<geojason>	Not allowing an install on the same machine as 1.2
<geojason>	Any chance these can be remedied?
<geojason>	the json thing was just for IIS6/Win2k3
<tomf1>	We are working on the mime type issue
<tomf1>	There is nothing being done about side-by-side install capabilities of MGOS
<geojason>	Even if the installer completed and the user had to change the ports, it would be better than seeing it as "same product" and halting the install.
<tomf1>	That's good to know
<rbray>	Yea I agree with that.
<rbray>	They will run side by side fine with some tweaking. Let them tweak.
<geojason>	The user has to be savvy enough to pass an alternate install path to the installer in the first place :)
<tomf1>	I'll talk to Tim about that. No guarantees though
<geojason>	k :)
<rbray>	Other issues or concerns going into Beta2?
<rbray>	OK.
<tomf1>	One sec
<rbray>	holding
<tomf1>	Were there plans before about doing builds on a OSGeo server?
<tomf1>	What happened with that?
<rbray>	Dunno. I think that is still waiting for some brave soul to adopt it.
<geojason>	We can still do it...
<geojason>	Just have to get some time from Mat :)
<rbray>	I do not want to hold up Beta or RCs for that though.
<geojason>	Oh, and some commandline build scripts would help.
<geojason>	No, no kidding.
<tomf1>	OK, just thinking that that might be a way we could get stuff that we want into the installer as well.
<tomf1>	Done
<rbray>	OK
<geojason>	Yes, I have plans to look at NSIS when I have a second. or three-hundred. It looks easy. :)
<rbray>	Beta Test Servers.
<geojason>	Really hard to get it to do everything the InstallShield installer does, but maybe good enough.
<rbray>	We have the infrastructrue to host these, but probably not the bandwidth to keep them running.
<rbray>	Any volunteers willing to help?
<rbray>	Wow, don't everyone jump at once.
<geojason>	bandwidth?
<Andy_Morsell>	I can probably help, but am somewhat bandwidth challenged lately myself.
<rbray>	People time.
<geojason>	oh, sorry. I'm hardware-centric today.
<geojason>	What does that entail? Rolling back the VMWare image once in a while? :)
<rbray>	I think all we need is a small group to each pitch in a little here and there. Not a big commitment.
<geojason>	I'm game...
<geojason>	Are these Linux or Windows?
<rbray>	I'd like one more.
<geojason>	And.. are they VM?
<rbray>	They are VM's and Windows.
<geojason>	Will we have access to the root vm console to roll back if necessary?
<HarisK>	I am not sure what it means but I am willing to be in
<geojason>	Hey, HarisK ! welcome, I didn't see you there.
<rbray>	HarisK: Thanks. Just monitoring, restarting them, stuff like that.
<HarisK>	Hi :)
<geojason>	We can probably set up some kind of automated monitoring that restarts the services if they're dead...
<HarisK>	ok I am in
<rbray>	Yes we can. OK Tom and I will have Trevor get in touch with you directly. He will be setting this up.
<rbray>	At this point, I suggest we tackle this for Beta 2.
<HarisK>	ok
<geojason>	What kind of access are we going to allow?
<rbray>	FTP to upload data and php code.
<rbray>	Studio access for authoring.
<rbray>	They can basically use it like a hosted MG server.
<geojason>	The PHP code thing scares the shit out of me...
<geojason>	Good way to own the server.
<rbray>	But only for a limited tme, and no up time guarantees.
<rbray>	Yea
<rbray>	We could pull that part.
<rbray>	Up to you, Trevor, and Haris.
<geojason>	What's the alternative... only giving that level of access to "trusted" users?
<geojason>	Setting up new sites for users (not really interested in that...)
<rbray>	Well that is all we'll be giving. They will have to ask to use it and we will grant them access user by user.
<rbray>	We cannot open it to the world. That would be asking for trouble.
<bdechant>	yup - trusted users only :)
<geojason>	works for me... though it will be a lower level of "trust" than I usually apply for server access :)
<rbray>	Yes. It is really just a testbed. We do not want to get carried away or it will become a management nightmare.
<rbray>	I personally think it will be really cool. I do not know of another open geospatial project that does this.
<rbray>	OK next topic
<rbray>	Anyone object to enabling SVN post commit hooks?
<tomf1>	Not me
<bdechant>	nope
<rbray>	They allow for putting in something like fixed: #123
<mapguidetrac>	Ticket #123: Cannot find overload for MgMappingService::GeneratePlot(),
<rbray>	And that bug is automatically marked as fixed.
<tomf1>	I would also like to get it enforced that all submissions much be associated with a ticket
<rbray>	That would requrie the pre-commit hook.
<geojason>	As long as people stop putting things like RFC #23 :)
<mapguidetrac>	Ticket #23: Add icon on toolbar to show that map is reloading,
<geojason>	Will it add comments to the ticket as the submissions are made?
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<rbray>	Yes.
<geojason>	That's useful.
<rbray>	Yea the comments from the submission get logged in trac.
<rbray>	It's just another level of integration.
<geojason>	Yes, I've found a few times where I wanted to look at what was fixed, and had to root through.
<rbray>	What do folks think about pre-commit hook. Requirenig a ticket to submit?
<bdechant>	Not sure I like that as some times the commit might be to fix a simple typo or source comment
<tomf1>	If we don't geojason is still going to have to "root through"
<rbray>	You can always refer to the original ticket.
<bdechant>	Lots of times there is no root ticket to reference
<rbray>	in the subsequent fixing submission.
<rbray>	Then there should have been.
<bdechant>	I can see a "catch all" ticket being created and commiters using that
<rbray>	Yuch
<geojason>	Those would get pretty big...
<rbray>	That would be bad
<tomf1>	I don't think that will be bad
<tomf1>	if the ticket says "typo and code comment updates"
<geojason>	One per release?
<tomf1>	It would be bad if the ticket summary was "stuff"
<bdechant>	or "Tab fixes" :)
<geojason>	heh
<rbray>	right, my concern is the general catchall. Hey ma, look I just submitted 2000 lines of code under tab fixes.
<rbray>	And its all new
<rbray>	Then we are wasting our tme
<bdechant>	hehe - I don't want to see that either
<rbray>	I personally support the idea, but it has to be properly used.
<tomf1>	I think we need the pre commit hook to make sure that submission/ticket associations are good, otherwise it's very easy to forget to reference the ticket in a submission
<geojason>	Wow, this is a cool bug:
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<rbray>	Nice one. Even gave code to re-produce.
<rbray>	So let's vote here.
<rbray>	First Motion: Enable Post Commit Hooks
<rbray>	I am +1
<geojason>	+1
<HarisK>	+1
<tomf1>	+1Any other dissenters to the
<Andy_Morsell>	+1
<tomf1>	oops, half typed message
<bdechant>	+1
<tomf1>	ignore it please
<geojason>	dissenters will be shot :)
<rbray>	Good enough for me, passed.
<rbray>	Second Motion: Enable Pre-Commit Hooks implying all submissions require a ticket.
<tomf1>	1
<tomf1>	+1
<rbray>	I am also +1, but Tom will need to document some process :)
<geojason>	+1
<bdechant>	+1 (as long as we have a process)
<HarisK>	+1
<tomf1>	Whatever we used when we were with collabnet was fine
<tomf1>	Where's the documentation for that?
<rbray>	Yes that is one that that worked well in the collabnet environment.
<tomf1>	Saves me from having to write it again :-)
<rbray>	There was none.
<geojason>	lol
<rbray>	OK. That is also good enough for me.
<rbray>	passed
<rbray>	I will send out the meeting minutes and as long as our absent member does not complain I'll ask SAC to enable them.
<rbray>	Any other business for today.
<rbray>	Apparently the website is a bit of a mess, but Jason is working on it.
<rbray>	:)
<geojason>	I'm just pushing... don't hav eserver access.
<geojason>	Hey, bob, you should be in there fixing it :)
<rbray>	Yea, well....I am a little pre-occupied today. I can do it this evening though.
<tomf1>	I found a broken link just a second ago for the official PSC page
<tomf1>	do we still have one, the one that was pointed to was
<rbray>	Send me stuff you see broken and I will try to fix.
<geojason>	All of the old URLs, especially if hardcoded, will break for now.
<tomf1>	...from out wiki page
<rbray>	I know about those
<geojason>	Don't "fix" to point to ?q= pages...
<rbray>	No I wont
<rbray>	Any other business?
<geojason>	Updating the roadmap?
<geojason>	A few folks have asked.
<geojason>	And the one in Trac is out of date.
<rbray>	Tom and I can take a stab at that, and then ask the PSC for input. Does that seem like a reasonable approach.
<rbray>	We'll do it by updating Trac.
<trevorw>	Hi everyone, Tom asked me to join but I didn't have an IRC client installed. Haris, should I contact you at your sl-king email address?
<HarisK>	yes, please
<geojason>	Works for me rbray
<rbray>	OK, Tom let's see if we can find an hour for that tomorrow.
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<HarisK>	for this support do I need to be the one, or it can also be Simon from my company ?
<trevorw>	Ok. Thanks. Jason, should I use your nanaimo address?
<rbray>	Other agenda items or concerns?
<rbray>	Simon is fine.
<geojason>	Sure...
<rbray>	Just give his e-mail to Trevor.
<HarisK>	yes
<geojason>	Though after-hours probably better to use my home address: jason at
<rbray>	Asking again since we were side-tracked - Other agenda items or concerns?
<geojason>	The list of tickets is pretty long...
<geojason>	And assignment in Trac doesn't seem to be getting used much.
<geojason>	Is your internal system primary?
<rbray>	Yes. One of those things we are having a hard time reconciling.
<rbray>	Our internal system is all conected to product support and such.
<geojason>	Almost need some kind of gateway... but there would be a lot of risk there.
<rbray>	Yes and they are so completely incompatible it is not funny.
<rbray>	Tons of work to try and link
<geojason>	If I understood the internals better (ie, was a developer) I wouldn't mind managing the public tickets
<geojason>	But as it stands I end up way out of my depth real fast.
<rbray>	Tom and I will add this our list for tomorrow. Not sure how to resolve this just yet, but we basically need a bug manager.
<tomf1>	What are we looking for with this?
<rbray>	And of course both of us are swamped.
<rbray>	Someone to watch trac, assign defects, make sure the target fix version is set, etc.
<rbray>	Oh, and don't forget they first need to go back through and cleanup the tickets we have.
<geojason>	I have a feeling that we have a number of bugs that have either been fixed in 2.0, or are impossible to reproduce without more detail and should be closed.
<geojason>	Hard to deal with though.
<rbray>	Yea, it is a massive time sync.
<rbray>	I'll table that as another action for Tom and I to think about.
<rbray>	anything else? We are out of time.
<tomf1>	yes, I've asked for more details in some tickets, but there have not been updates, so I'll close those now
<tomf1>	...a few months to provide more details should be enough I would think
<rbray>	Yea
<rbray>	OK, lets adjourn. Thanks everyone.
<geojason>	Bye!
<bdechant>	bye
<HarisK> bye
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