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This meeting of the MapGuide PSC takes place Thursday, April 8, 2010 at 18:00 UTC (2:00 PM ET / noon MT / 11:00 AM PT).

Meeting Chair: Bob Bray

Universal Time:

Location: The meeting will be held on IRC at #mapguide


  • Appoint a Meeting Secretary
  • Oem tree updates for 2.2 (added by Trevor)
  • Maestro (added by Trevor - warning message for MGOS 2.2, packaging for Linux)
  • 32 and 64 bit build/install for Windows and Linux (added by Trevor)
  • MapGuide on LiveDVD 4.0 (added by Trevor)
  • Beta and Release timeline (added by Trevor)
  • GSOC 2010 Proposal by Rohit (added by Trevor)
  • Ditching Linux Oem for 2.3 (added by Trevor)
  • Any way to avoid API changes caused by upgrades to PHP? (Tom)
  • Documentation (Tom)
  • Anything that we can do about poor postings to mapguide-users? (Tom)


PSC Members present: Andy, Bob, Bruce, Jason, Tom, Trevor

Oem tree updates for 2.2

  • PHP has been updated to 5.3.1
  • No other planned updates.


  • Packaging script to package a "Windows .Net" Maestro for Ubuntu 9.10.
  • It actually works. Mono is included on Ubuntu so it does not add a lot to the footprint.
  • Need to log a ticket to update the "compiled against" version for Maestro. It brings up a warning dialog for 2.2 right now. - (Trevor will create ticket)

32 and 64 bit build/install for Windows and Linux

  • 32 bit builds for Windows and Linux are ok
  • 32 bit Windows installer in good shape
  • Ubuntu 9.10 binary package created
  • CentOS/RedHat tarball - no RPM yet
  • 64 bit is still a work in progress

MapGuide on LiveDVD 4.0

  • Will be based on XUbuntu 10.04
  • Released around end of June
  • For FOSS4G 2010
  • May include Sheboygan sample data though space on DVD is tight
  • Will try to use sample data included on DVD

Beta and Release timeline

  • 32 bit only release of 2.2 for June
  • May try to include RFC88 and RFC90
  • A motion was passed to make Trevor the MGOS 2.2 Release Manager

GSOC 2010 Proposal by Rohit

  • Project 1: Better Linux distro support (GCC 4.4 upgrade, Oem upgrade, RPM packaging)
  • Project 2: Improved use of security model for authoring (layers are excluded based on permissions, GUI is configured based on permissions)

Ditching Linux Oem for 2.3

  • Out of time


  • Lots of PDF content that is hard to maintain
  • Out of time

Full transcript

	<rbray>	Hey Everyone, quick roll call - who's online?
	<tom_>	tom
	<BruceD>	Bruce
	<amorsell>	Andy
	<rbray>	We seem to be missing the guy that added all the agenda items
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	<rbray>	Ah there is the guy with all the agenda items - hey Trevor
	<trevorw>	Hi Bob, Sorry I'm late. Shaw service call.
	<jasonbirch>	oh, I'm here. Just not paying attention.
	<rbray>	THat's ok - we were waiting for you. Bruce can you take the minutes today?
	<BruceD>	Sure
	<rbray>	Ok then let's start. Trevor you are up first - OEM Tree Updates for 2.2
	<rbray>	jason: no worries I saw you connected and figured you were off somewhere else
	<trevorw>	Yep. How are the Oem updates going? I know Bruce is finishing up the PHP update. Do we have any others to do?
	<tom_>	There are no other planned ones from my end for 2.2
	<jasonbirch>	This isn't for 2.2, but I saw that FDO did xerces/xalan updates for post 3.5. We should match if possible...
	<tom_>	We use the version that comes with our BDXML
	<rbray>	So I guess we would need to update BDXML to match FDO
	<jasonbirch>	Or can BDXML and move to a file-based data store :)
	<tom_>	The difference between FDO's xerces and BDXML's xerces has been annoying, but I don't think it has caused any problems yet
	<rbray>	jasonbirch: That is a topic I want to discuss at some point.
	<rbray>	jasonbirch: But it's a big change
	<trevorw>	I think we need to upgrade DBXML for gcc 4.4. We can chat about this when we hit the GSOC proposal later in the agenda.
	<jasonbirch>	'k
	<rbray>	OK - so Trevor looks like the only update is PHP.
	<BruceD>	The PHP update is done
	<trevorw>	Ok. Thanks Bob. I just wanted to check.
	<trevorw>	The PHP update was a huge amount of work. Thanks Bruce!
	<rbray>	Yes thanks Bruce!
	<rbray>	So next item also Trevors - Maestro.
	<rbray>	Trevor?
	<trevorw>	Maestro - just wanted to give a quick update. I have a packaging script to package a "Windows .Net" Maestro for Ubuntu 9.10. It actually works. Mono is included on Ubuntu so it does not add a lot to the footprint. I was able to test connectivity as well. We should probably log a ticket to update the "compiled against" version for Maestro. It brings up a warning dialog for 2.2 right now.
	<trevorw>	I can do the ticket.
	<jasonbirch>	It's more of a "tested against" than a "compiled against".
	<jasonbirch>	i don't think it's critical to udate until we get a 2.2 beta and actually have a chance to test Maestro against it :)
	<trevorw>	Ok. Sounds good. That's all I had for Maestro.
	<rbray>	ok then let's move on to 32 nd 64 bit builds.
	<rbray>	Is this also a status update item Trevor?
	<trevorw>	Ok. The 32 bit builds for Windows and Linux are ok. Jackie and Jason have the Windows installer in pretty good shape. I have completed Ubuntu 9.10 binary packaging as well. We could release a tarball for CentOS/RedHat - no rpms yet.
	<trevorw>	64 bit is still a work in progress. Maybe Jason can chat about 64bit installer. FDO is not posting 64 bit Linux FDO.
	<trevorw>	I can try to build 64 bit FDO for Linux if needed. Will need to set up some VMs first.
	<jasonbirch>	Haven't had a chance to look at it yet.
	<jasonbirch>	And I'm not 100% confident of having time to do it :(
	<Traian_>	FDO works ok on 64 bit Linux (for me at least)
	<rbray>	Traian: You have do anything special to build it or?
	<trevorw>	Ok. So maybe a 64 bit Linux server is just a compile away. Thanks Traian. I will start setting up a 64 bit Linux environment.
	<Traian_>	Nothing special, but I build against OS-installed libraries instead of the ones in FDO /Thirdparty, so I guess my case is not really applicable to MapGuide...
	<rbray>	Funny I think that is a later agenda item :)
	<Traian_>	And I've only tested OGR, SQLite, SDF and SHP on Linux64
	<trevorw>	Ok. Thanks Traian. Looks like I need to do a little linux 64 compiling.
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	<trevorw>	That's all I had for 32/64 build and install
	<rbray>	OK - I guess we just take our time with 64 bit support. As folks have time spend some cycles on it. Eventually we will get there.
	<rbray>	Ok Trevor: •MapGuide on LiveDVD 4.0
	<trevorw>	Ok. I am currently working on it. LiveDVD 4.0 will be based on XUbuntu 10.04 (not out yet) so I'm working with Xubuntu 9.10.
	<rbray>	What is the timeline for it?
	<trevorw>	End of June. They will switch the vault to XUbuntu 10.04 in May
	<jasonbirch>	Is this for the FOSS4G Xarramong (or whatever) DVD, or is it something else?
	<trevorw>	There could be a bunch of loose ends. Space on the DVD is really tight so I may need to configure the distro Apache/PHP for MapGuide. Yes. FOSS4G 2010.
	<CIA-60>	MapGuide: brucedechant * r4769 /sandbox/adsk/2.2gp/Server/src/UnitTesting/TestCoordinateSystem.cpp: Updated failed coordinate system unit tests due to r4736 submission.
	<tom_>	trevorw: Is there an issue about getting sample data for this?
	<jasonbirch>	I think bruce may not have full attention on the meeting :)
	<trevorw>	I am hoping we can include Sheboygan as sample data. There has been a recent push to standardize the demo dataset on the LiveDVD to conserve space.
	<trevorw>	One question with Sheboygan - are allow to distribute it freely?
	<tom_>	no, not from the agreement that I have seen
	<tom_>	(saw it yesterday)
	<tom_>	So if we can't use Sheboygan, can we get access to the LiveDVD sample data ans see what we can do there?
	<rbray>	Actually I believe we can, I just can't find the agreement that states that.
	<trevorw>	Ok then. Maybe authoring against LiveDVD sample data would be better then? Do we want to include samples in downloadable MGOS 2.2?
	<rbray>	A common set of sample data would be ideal.
	<trevorw>	The LiveDVD sample data set is still being proposed. I can forwoard information to -internals once I know more.
	<trevorw>	And yes. We should be able to access it. Not sure what is going to happen with the sample app though.
	<rbray>	OK - I suspect it's one that has made the rounds before.
	<rbray>	Anything else on this topic?
	<jasonbirch>	It would be good to use their data, but if I ever get some time I'm going to use some OpenGov data to build a better sample set.
	<BruceD>	That would be nice Jason
	<rbray>	Yes that would be way cool.
	<tom_>	Sleep is overrated jasonbirch
	<trevorw>	Should we include the LiveDVD sample data as part of the MapGuide install by default?
	<jasonbirch>	tom_: yeah. was up until 5 a couple nights ago figuring out windows messaging in desktop c# :)
	<jasonbirch>	trevorw: I'd like to see the data before making a call.
	<rbray>	Let's see what the sample data is first
	<trevorw>	Ok. I will dig informtion on the proposed set. Thanks.
	<rbray>	ok lets move to: •Beta and Release timeline
	<rbray>	How close are we for Beta?
	<jasonbirch>	Does anyone have any outstanding items? I would love to see the metatiling stuff make it in if it's not too hairy.
	<tom_>	Getting the metatiling in would be great
	<tom_>	Are you suggesting we fasttrack it? I think we should if we can
	<rbray>	I think we should too
	<trevorw>	Yep. Sounds reasonable to me as well. I will try to make some time to review UV's sandbox submission next week. More reviewers would be good. I think UV is just about complete the work. He's been doing a lot of testing on it.
	<tom_>	So once that's in, we could do the beta?
	<jasonbirch>	I think so...
	<trevorw>	I'm good with that too (32 bit only)
	<tom_>	only 32-bit sounds fine, perhaps, we could make unofficial 64-bit builds periodically like they do with PHP and apache
	<jasonbirch>	Could find out from Jackie if he intended to get RFC88 in nefore beta
	<rbray>	Sounds like 64 bit is going to stretch us and no one really has the time, so I would be ok to defer that to unoffical builds
	<BruceD>	The PHP upgrade I did has both 32bit and 64bit
	<trevorw>	I will start working on the 64 bit build infrastructure
	<trevorw>	Can we still target June for 2.2 release assuming 32 bit only? That fits well with LiveDVD 4.
	<rbray>	It's a good target. Let's see how UV's and Jackies stuff fits with that.
	<trevorw>	That's all I had for beta/release timelines.
	<rbray>	Who is going to reach out to UV and Jackie?
	<trevorw>	I will ping UV (and Zac)
	<tom_>	for RFC88, I thought that was on hold because of all the issues people brought up
	<jasonbirch>	I wasn't paying a lot of attention.
	<jasonbirch>	We can find out on the list whether to defer or not.
	<tom_>	OK, his last email said "I'm putting this RFC back into draft mode for now, as some parts obviously need to be fleshed out."
	<tom_>	..but sounds good to follow up
	<tom_>	Oh should we appoint a release manager?
	<rbray>	Yes we should.
	<rbray>	Anyone want to volunteer?
	<tom_>	I nominate Trevor
	<BruceD>	I nominate Tom
	<tom_>	I decline
	<trevorw>	Ok. I volunteer too. Doing the builds anyway.
	<trevorw>	(unless Jason really wants to do it...)
	<jasonbirch>	pffff
	<trevorw>	Guess it's me then.
	<trevorw>	Are we good for beta/release timeline item?
	<rbray>	OK so here's a motion. Trevor will be the MGOS 2.2 Release Manager. +1 from me.
	<jasonbirch>	+1 jason
	<tom_>	+1
	<trevorw>	+1 trevor
	<BruceD>	+1
	<jasonbirch>	amorsell: daydreaming? :)
	<rbray>	ok motion carried - I think 5 is enough.
	<rbray>	Next item: •GSOC 2010 Proposal by Rohit
	<trevorw>	Rohit (with a little help from me) has submitted a proposal for GSoC 2010. It consists of two subprojects:
	<trevorw>	Project 1: Better Linux distro support (GCC 4.4 upgrade, Oem upgrade, RPM packaging)
	<amorsell>	phone call ;) +1
	<trevorw>	Project 2: Improved use of security model for authoring (layers are excluded based on permissions, GUI is configured based on permissions)
	<rbray>	2 will be interesting. Touches lots of stuff.
	<rbray>	Little touches, but touches.
	<tom_>	Sounds good. let's move on. Sorry, I have some items that I wanted to touch on and we only have 3 minutes left.
	<trevorw>	Go Tom!
	<rbray>	Next Item was: •Ditching Linux Oem for 2.3
	<rbray>	But let's take Tom's next
	<rbray>	•Any way to avoid API changes caused by upgrades to PHP?
	<tom_>	The PHP 5.3 upgrade caused some API changes that will cause backwards compatibility problems. E.g., Fusion trunk will no longer work with MGOS 2.1. User apps will need to be updated. This, I think, is a big problem that we should try to avoid. Is there anything that we can do now to prevent something like this happening again in the future?
	<jasonbirch>	Apart from not using generic names for methods? :)
	<tom_>	I think this is a question for us to think about. Sorry, I don't expect an answer here. Let's move on.
	<tom_>	(I mean my question is for us to think about, not Jason's question)
	<trevorw>	Docs!
	<tom_>	As I posted on internals, we have some funding for documentation. It looks like we need to update the build and configure scripts (centralize them?); and create some "how to debug" docs. Everyone good with that? As for Zacs request to create error codes, I think that is a good idea, but will not be part of this work.
	<trevorw>	Do we want to document Rendering HTTP API as well?
	<tom_>	Yes
	<trevorw>	I'm good with putting it all in Trac. We have lots of content in PDF but it is hard to maintain.
	<tom_>	I mean, yes, do we? We are going to fund documenting some more of that, but does that sound worth it?
	<tom_>	BTW, Bob got dumped out of IRC and cannot reconnect
	<trevorw> Installing and Configuring is good but out of date.
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	<tom_>	Last item: There are some users who are abusing the mapguide-users lists. What can we do about them? They are diluting the value of the list.
	<tom_>	Do some of you have the capability to block them?
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	<jasonbirch>	Sorry, I'm out
	<rbray>	Sorry guys - VPN disconnected at a bad time.
	<tom_>	OK, we can defer my items until next time
	<tom_>	I'll readd them for the next meeting
	<tom_>	...if they aren't resolved by then
	<trevorw>	Sorry Tom. We should have put your items first.
	<tom_>	no, not a problem
	<trevorw>	Should we continue the docs discussion on -internals, or did you get enough feedback?
	<rbray>	The docs thing we can handle by e-mail
	<tom_>	I got enought
	<rbray>	ok good
	<rbray>	then I guess we can adjourn?
	<tom_>	Thanks everyone, bye
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	<trevorw>	Thanks all, ttyl
	<BruceD>	Thanks all
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	<rbray>	Thanks all.
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