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The seventh meeting of the MapGuide PSC will take place Thursday February 22nd at 18:00 UTC (1:00 PM EST / 11:00 AM MST / 10:00 AM PST).

Meeting Chair: Bob Bray Universal Time: Location: The meeting will be held on IRC at #mapguide


After an RFC has been accepted and as long as the work is not already in a final release, updates to it can be made. These updates are often caused by changes required for implementation. Any updates are posted to the PSC for approval. After 48 hours, if the update is approved, the RFC is updated and an addendum section that describes the update is added.


  • (Bob) Compile updated CLA and post for feedback.
  • (Bob) Create single Drupal left nav menu (hack till we can create the tabbed nav we want)
  • (Jason) Attempt to import open defects and enhancements from CollabNet data into Trac.
  • (Bob) Create Google Summer of Code Potential Projects Page.
  • (All) Review OSGeo Project Sponsorship info at:


  • Approved update to the PSC Guidelines (+1: Andy, Bob, Bruce, Harris, Jason, Paul, Tom)


<rbray>	Lets start, Paul can join in if/when he shows up.
<jasonbirch>	I had a nightmare last night about ADSK going to annual releases for MGE, and dropping support for MGOS. This is taking up way too much of my brainspace :) I think it was triggered by reading one of Dave's posts on the MGE support newsgroups.
<rbray>	What post was that?
<rbray>	Don't loose any sleep over it, we are in this for the long haul.
<Andy_Morsell>	I just read that post a few minutes ago. About WFS in Enterprise and it being broken but fixed in Open. And that there would be a release of MGE in mid 2007 with the fixes.
<rbray>	I'll look later, let's get going with the meeting.
<rbray>	I have got new content for the both the CLA to make it project specific and a Corporate CLA.
<rbray>	I'll put those into PDF form and post for review soon.
<jasonbirch>	Short topic :)
<rbray>	Unless there are questions, that was all I had on that one...
<rbray>	Moving on. Drupal is giving me fits implementing my Navigation scheme. So...
<rbray>	We have two choices (or maybe more)
<jasonbirch>	I know... we're moving to SharePoint :)
<rbray>	yea thats it
<rbray>	I think it would be easiest at this point to build on expandable menu down the left side.
<rbray>	Until I figure out how to do what I wanted in the first place.
<rbray>	Another choice is to do something like, use tabs and remove the left nav. But that is more work and restructuring than I care to do at the moment.
<rbray>	So any objections to one big expandable menu?
<jasonbirch>	Works for me.
<rbray>	Ok, I can do that sometime this week/weekend.
<bdechant>	sounds fine
<jasonbirch>	Menus in Drupal are painful. Last time I did this, I made my own block and hand-coded it to build from various tags / content types. All of that's gone from my brain now though (over a year ago)
<rbray>	Yea and that is what I will need to do in order to implement my original scheme.
<rbray>	I'll get there eventually, but I don't have the cycles right now.
<rbray>	So then trac should be integrated when I do the menus.
<rbray>	If anyone has cycles it would be good to get the rest of the content on moved to the trac wiki.
<jasonbirch>	How do we get accounts?
<jasonbirch>	I can look at moving some of the RFCs
<rbray>	You should have it.
<rbray>	Login to trac using the same credentials you use to login to the Drupal site.
<rbray>	We opened the trac wiki up so that anyone in the LDAP can edit.
<jasonbirch>	How come there is a "Home" tab on the main site? :D
<rbray>	Oops.
<rbray>	Thats reminents of my hacking. I'll remove it.
<jasonbirch>	FramkW: does password reset work through Drupal?
<FrankW>	jasonbirch: no, i don't think so yet.
<FrankW>	I can manually reset passwords.
<rbray>	There was the form that Shawn put together to do that. I think it still works.
<FrankW>	rbray: it wasn't working for me last I tried, and you need to know your password to change it (assuming it is the _ldap/ldap.php page).
<rbray>	Yes it was this one:
<rbray>	And you need to know your password.
<jasonbirch>	sounds like an infinite loop to me...
<rbray>	It seems to sometimes work. Not the greatest solution I admit.
<rbray>	Ok, shall we move on to defects?
<jasonbirch>	Sure
<rbray>	So Jason took the defect XML from CollabNet and put it into an access database.
<rbray>	Which was impressive BTW.
<rbray>	But now what do we do with it?
<jasonbirch>	I can dump to web pages, or we could look at importing into Trac
<rbray>	The import to trac will lose all history. Trac import is really weak.
<jasonbirch>	Not if you write directly to the data model...
<rbray>	Well we could do that.
<jasonbirch>	I'm not sure how to do that without walking on the current tickets though.
<rbray>	I have not looked yet, how many unresolved issues are in there.
<jasonbirch>	I don't know either
<jasonbirch>	I'd have to query for records where last status update wasn't resolved I guess
<rbray>	YEs that would do it.
<rbray>	I am guessing there is only 20 or so...
<jasonbirch>	Counting enhancements?
<rbray>	Maybe I am dreaming.
-->|	pagameba ( has joined #mapguide
<rbray>	Maybe we should just import the open ones.
<pagameba>	sorry I'm late
<TomFukushima>	I think that there is about 20-30.
<pagameba>	did I miss anything important?
<rbray>	Just gave you all the work of moving stuff on the wiki to Trac.
<rbray>	:)
<pagameba>	lol
<jasonbirch>	not joking...
<jasonbirch>	:)
<pagameba>	doh
<jasonbirch>	OK, maybe a little bit.
<jasonbirch>	What does Trac use as a database currently, SQLite PostgreSQL or MySQL?
<rbray>	I think it is using SQLite.
<jasonbirch>	Can I get a copy to play with?
<FrankW>	yes, sqlite, and I can provide the db.
<jasonbirch>	Thanks Frank...
<rbray>	if you can import the open ones that would be great. I think it would be useful.
<jasonbirch>	me too. as long as we don't get too much activity, I may even be able to retain the issue IDs.
<rbray>	That will be hard. Trac uses just a number. it was a MGxxx in PT
<jasonbirch>	Simple in FME or SSIS.
<jasonbirch>	Just strip the letters.
<FrankW>	jasonbirch: grab
<FrankW>	lol ... fme your ultimate RDMBS processing engine.
<jasonbirch>	Your site doesn't appear to pass the correct content-type for GZ :)
<rbray>	Yea unless Trac wants them to be consecutive.
<jasonbirch>	I'll have to look at that.
<rbray>	it maybe better to ignore the issue ID and let SQLite reassign them.
<rbray>	That way there can be no conflict.
<jasonbirch>	ok. I'll leave the old ID in the description or something?
<rbray>	Yea that would be fine.
<jasonbirch>	FrankW: Oh, the site passes the right content type; I forgot that browsers handle gz decompression natively.
<bdechant>	Thanks for doing this Jason.
<rbray>	Ok cool. Let us know how it goes on the internals list.
<rbray>	And yes a big round of thanks to Jason.
<jasonbirch>	No guarantees, but I'll give it my best shot.
<FrankW>	+1
<rbray>	If you get something working maybe we can apply the same process to the FDO defects. Which would be even better.
<rbray>	Maybe you can offer this to everyone migrating off CollabNet :)
<FrankW>	lol
<jasonbirch>	No **** way. the XML-> db translation is hard. :)
<rbray>	yea I know. Just giving you trouble.
<rbray>	Ok, next topic: Google Summer of Code.
<jasonbirch>	I see lots of benefits, but I also don't have coding the skills to mentor someone.
<rbray>	I think finding mentors should not be hard.
<FrankW>	I believe OSGeo will establish a SoC Administor so projects wanting to participate would need to propose projects and mentors.
<rbray>	So then what we need to do is come up with a lsit fo projects with mentors.
<jasonbirch>	That would be awesome. I want placemarks in multigeometry KML polygons, and Chris hasn't added that to his latest RFC :)
<FrankW>	PS. think something a student could reasonably accomplish in a summer.
<HarisK>	I am working on combining Open source Google WebToolkit with MapGuide OS, is this something suitable ?
<jasonbirch>	Accessing data stored in Google Base? :)
<FrankW>	HarisK: this sounds like it would be an attractive propect for approval by google.
<HarisK>	and if some mentoring is need I am willing to help in
<jasonbirch>	ew, it's Java... :)
<FrankW>	I'd add the student gets 4.5K US. This isn't terribly attractive to North american CS students, but might be more so in some other parts of the world.
<rbray>	I can supply a mentor for something as well.
<jasonbirch>	Do we say what we want and then the students propose it, or do students get assigned to projects, or what?
<FrankW>	I think you propose projects and mentors first.
<rbray>	I'll start a wiki page and we can all add to it. How does that sound for a start?
<jasonbirch>	Sounds great.
<FrankW>	+1
<rbray>	That will make sure we all get access to the Trac wiki too!
<HarisK>	fine
<jasonbirch>	That database file is SQLite 2.1. I don't think I have the ability to write to that. Have to look for an OLEDB provider I guess.
<rbray>	I'll send out the link later today. If you cannot login to the wiki, let me know and I'll send you the links to add yourself / check if you are in the LDAP already.
<rbray>	I think the SQLite site has an ODBC driver for it.
<rbray>	Anyone know when the deadline for the Google Summer of Code is?
<FrankW>	Not off hand.
<FrankW>	But I think you should aim for projects and mentors in about 3 weeks.
<rbray>	March 5: Mentoring organizations can begin submitting applications to Google
<rbray>	March 12: Mentoring organization application deadline
<rbray>	March 14: List of accepted mentoring organizations published on; student application period opens
<rbray>	March 24: Student application deadline
<rbray>	Sorry just found it.
<FrankW>	so we have to have projects proposed by the 12th? Whew!
<rbray>	That is what it looks like. Here is the FAQ page I was reading:
<sigq`>	Title: Developer Knowledge Base - What is the program timeline? (at
<rbray>	Ok that was all my topics. Anyone have other topics?
<jasonbirch>	This is cool. You have to click to display errors...,-61.171875&spn=155.776464,326.953125&om=1
<sigq`>	Title: Google Maps (at
<jasonbirch>	no other topics...
<TomFukushima>	Oh, I added an item to the agenda
<TomFukushima>	Quick vote (I hope) on the new PSC page
<TomFukushima>	I added the section that we had discussed at the last PSC meeting.
<TomFukushima>	Agenda is here:
<sigq`>	Title: MapGuide PSC Meeting 02-22-2007 - OSGEO (at
<jasonbirch>	Remind me...
<rbray>	Sorry I needed to refresh. Got it now.
<rbray>	The issue is after an RFC is accepted how does it get changed if it needs to (probably due to implementation issues)?
<jasonbirch>	Right.
<TomFukushima>	Right. The section that was added is in the Agenda (it's short).
<jasonbirch>	I think that current wording covers that off well.
<Andy_Morsell>	That verbiage is fine with me.
<rbray>	Not real clear when it is required though. I assume the same rules apply as apply to requiring an RFC in the first place?
<rbray>	e.g. format changes from what is speced in the RFC?
<jasonbirch>	Gotta go. Sorry. Myu vote is +1
<rbray>	or an API changes, or compatibilitiy will be affected in a different way?
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<TomFukushima>	I would like it to be required for anything that an RFC is required for.
<rbray>	If that is the intent, them I would motion to approve.
<bdechant>	+1
<rbray>	OK, so then I'd like to Motion to approve the update.
<bdechant>	I second the motion and +1
<TomFukushima>	+1
<Andy_Morsell>	+1
<HarisK>	+1
<rbray>	I am +1, so it is approved.
<rbray>	Any other topics?
<Andy_Morsell>	We had a topic flying around this morning about donations for specific or general functionality enhancments. Is that worth talking about as a PSC and should we table that until the next meeting since we're out of time?
<rbray>	Yes let's table that one for next meeting. We shoudl all take a look at the pages on sponsorship Frank mentioned in the e-mail.
<rbray>	Ok then I motion to adjourn.
<rbray>	Thanks everyone.
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