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This meeting of the MapGuide PSC takes place Thursday, February 4, 2010 at 18:00 UTC (2:00 PM ET / noon MT / 11:00 AM PT).

Meeting Chair: Bob Bray

Universal Time:

Location: The meeting will be held on IRC at #mapguide


  • Appoint a Meeting Secretary
  • Updates on HTTP API docs and ticket cleanup
  • MapGuide 2.2 release schedule
  • Others?


PSC Members present: Bob, Harris, Bruce, Tom, Trevor, Kenneth

Updates on HTTP API docs

Trevor will make HTTP API doc templates ready for mid. feb.

Ticket cleanup

Jason was not present, but Kenneth guesses that the initial cleanup is done.

MapGuide 2.2 release schedule

Current milestone is March 15th for beta, June 15th for release.
Tom will update the milestone dates.

Expected release is 32 and 64 bit for windows (with 32bit webtier/apache/php),
and 32 bit linux.
Trevor will look into problems with 64bit linux support.

Loose ends are: 64 bit support in installer, and new FDO providers in installer.
Jason should have be able to estimate the effort required for these two.

Tom will see if any RFC's are not being adressed in 2.2 which should be.


Rasters will hopefully be more stable in 2.2.
Branching should be delayed until the installer stuff is ready.

Full transcript

<dechanb>	Hi all
<rbray>	Hey Bruce
<trevorw>	Hi Bruce
<Kenneth>	hi
<rbray>	For the MG PSC Meeting, I am just going to give folks another couple of minutes
<Kenneth>	to save a little time, I volunteer up front for taking the minutes
<trevorw>	Jason just emailed -internals. He might not make the meeting.
<HarisK>	hi
<trevorw>	Hi Haris
<HarisK>	just came in office and so emails, i am in right timing ?
<HarisK>	pure luck :)
<rbray>	Hey sorry all, we just had a little powersurge and the network bounced
<rbray>	Looks like we have more folks now. I see Harris, Bruce, Tom, Trevor, Kenneth, and myself
<rbray>	Did i miss anyone?
<rbray>	Ok well let's start, hopefully Jason and the others join later
<rbray>	Anyone want to volunteer to take minutes?
<trevorw>	Bob - Jason might not make it. Tied up at work.
<Kenneth>	i volunteer
<rbray>	thanks Kennetj
<rbray>	Kenneth
<rbray>	Just so everyone knows the network here has been a little unstable this morning. Hopefully we don't have any problems, but if Tom, Bruce, or I drop that's why
<rbray>	So what's the latest on the HTTP docs. I know it was a hot topic last time. Any progress to report?
<trevorw>	No progress on the docs so far. I was supposed to do the template but I got sidetracked with "other" work.
<rbray>	No worries Trevor, any thoughts on when you might have something?
<trevorw>	I will try to come up with a template next week and document some of the mapping ops
<trevorw>	Perhaps mid-feb?
<trevorw>	Is anyone waiting on the docs right now?
<rbray>	ok - we'll just leave this on our list to follow-up on
<rbray>	I noticed Jason made some progress on Ticket clean-up, anyone know if that is done or ?
<Kenneth>	I volunteered (and still do) for filling in templates for some of the ops
<rbray>	All quiet - so I guess we wait for an update from Jason
<Kenneth>	I think Jason completed a run of closing tickets that were pre 2.1
<rbray>	ok thanks Kenneth
<rbray>	So on to the 2.2 release schedule
<rbray>	Trevor that's your item, want to start us off?
<trevorw>	I sent out an email last week suggesting a couple of dates for 2.2. March 15th for beta, June 15th (or earlier) for release.
<trevorw>	There would likely be multiple betas between March and June.
<trevorw>	What does everyone think?
<tomf1>	I think that trunk is ready for a beta at any time
<dechanb>	Seems fine
<rbray>	yea, I agree with Tom - trunk is pretty stable and ready
<trevorw>	Ok. Good. Are we with an installer for Windows and binary .tar.gz balls for CentOS5 and Ubuntu 9.1?
<trevorw>	(oops are we ok with)
<rbray>	yea I am good with that. Are you planning both 32 and 64 bit?
<rbray>	And for 64 bit what are we doing about things like Apache and PHP, which don't have official 64 bit versions?
<trevorw>	Now that's a great question. I was originally thinking just 32 bit but 64 bit would be appropriate for the server. Does the web tier need 64 bit? Anyone tried cross plugging a 64 bit server with a 32 bit web?
<dechanb>	It should be fine to mix 32 bit web with 64bit server
<trevorw>	That's what I figured too. The TCP/IP protocol is fairly well defined.
<dechanb>	I tried it some time ago, but haven't tried it recently
<trevorw>	Hmm... One questions would be how we handle shared web/server libs on Linux and maybe Windows if mixing 32/64 bit.
<dechanb>	There is not performance benefit to 64 bit web except for convenience of having both web/server on the same 64bit platform
<dechanb>	On windows we don't share DLLs they have their own folder - Linux is another issue
<trevorw>	Does Linux have any naming conventions for 32/64 bit versions of the same libraries? Maybe I need to investigate this further. For now, let's just assume we are targeting 32 bit Linux and 32 and 64 bit for Windows.
<rbray>	trevor - that sounds reasonable
<dechanb>	I think that is a safe assumption until we investigate Linux
<rbray>	if we find a solution for linux we can include 64bit in a subsequent beta
<dechanb>	agreed
<trevorw>	Ok. Sounds good to me.
<rbray>	ok, so still target Mid March for Beta 1?
<trevorw>	Yes. If are just doing 32 bit for Beta 1, we should be able to make it. I don't know how much installer work we will need to do for 64 bit Windows.
<trevorw>	Jason would probably have a better idea on the work required for a 64 bit installer.
<rbray>	ok let's follow-up with Jason in an e-mail
<rbray>	it would be good to know if we could include 64 bit or not
<rbray>	it would be really good to do so IMO
<tomf1>	I'll change the roadmap to say Jun 30 for 2.2, and March for beta. We can refine it later when Jason pipes in, but I want to change it now, because last October for 2.2 is wrong.
<rbray>	thanks Tom, that would be good.
<tomf1>	The lone feature for the 2.2 milestone right now is 64-bit support!
<rbray>	that's not right either is it?
<tomf1>	No, there are some other things that can be included; I'll look through the RFCs and put in some other things
<rbray>	yea, you can also add performance and stability
<rbray>	thanks Tom
<rbray>	anything else we need to discuss with respect to 2.2?
<Kenneth>	are the stability issues with rasters adressed (or being worked on) for 2.2?
<trevorw>	What about the new FDO Providers - PostGIS, PostgreSQL, SQLite?
<trevorw>	(and support for MS SQL Server 2008)
<rbray>	the new providers are install work, we should check with Jason
<rbray>	Kenneth - GDAL stability is still a TBD
<trevorw>	I haven't had a chance to look at the raster stability issues for 2.2. However, one of the big issues was FDO refcounting and I believe that has been fixed in FDO 3.5.
<trevorw>	I definitely needs some testing.
<dechanb>	That is correct Trevor
<Kenneth>	ok, so there is at least some hope that 2.2 (with FDO 3.5) will make rasters more stable
<dechanb>	*crosses fingers*
<Kenneth>	the beta will hopefully make it easy to test
<rbray>	yes, but its untested
<rbray>	so I know raster is a hot button for 2.2, are there any others open issues?
<tomf1>	Anyone know the status of RFC 71 - AJAX Viewer Property Pane support for multiple selected features
<tomf1>	This is Jackie's item, and currently slated for 2.2
<tomf1>	Not a problem if it's not done though, we'll just move it to 2.3.
<rbray>	Tom why don't you send Jackie a msg and find out.
<rbray>	It'd be good to get that RFC udated if it is being pushed out
<tomf1>	Yes, I'll post to mapguide-internals
<rbray>	other items/issues for 2.2
<trevorw>	What about branching? Is there anyone wanting to start work on 2.3 yet?
<tomf1>	no
<tomf1>	2.3 = trunk
<trevorw>	Yes and 2.2 = trunk for open source right now as well.
<rbray>	right, so we need a branch right?
<rbray>	if Jackies stuff is not done, he'll need to work on that
<tomf1>	Right, but Trevor's right, we try to delay the branches as long as possible
<tomf1>	saves from having to merge fixes into both the branch and trunk
<rbray>	ok, so we'll revisit the branch closer to beta
<tomf1>	And I suppose Jackie can either get the changes into 2.2 or work in a sandbox.
<trevorw>	Yep. It would be good to get some of the installer stuff out of the way before we branch.
<trevorw>	Too bad Jason got caught up. He'd be all over this topic!
<rbray>	That's ok, we can follow-up with him by e-mail
<rbray>	That's it for the agenda, any other topics we want to cover?
<trevorw>	Did you want me to email Jason?
<rbray>	trevor: yes please (on internals)
<rbray>	no other topics? what's wrong with you guys today or is everyone half asleep?
<Kenneth>	we had a hot topic the last time about a new viewer, but we should probably discuss that on the mailing list
<rbray>	yea, but we need to get the HTTP API documented first
<trevorw>	Ok. ok. I'll work on the documentation...
<rbray>	then we can intelligently discuss the changes/additions needed to support a different viewer
<Kenneth>	arh yeah :D
<HarisK>	2/3 asleep
<Kenneth>	... now I remember :)
<HarisK>	I am working on atompub for georest/mapguide
<rbray>	HarisK: that's cool
<rbray>	any progress on georest docs
<rbray>	or even better, public samples?
<HarisK>	docs sorry no, some samples are out
<rbray>	I am thinking specifically of samples of how to configure it for use with MG
<rbray>	that would be interesting for the community
<HarisK>	with install comes sample
<HarisK>	for mapguide and sheboygan
<HarisK>	it is quiet simple and easy sample for config, i believe
<rbray>	ok thanks - I'll take a closer look at that
<rbray>	anything else for today gang?
<rbray>	last chance
<Kenneth>	6 minutes early, a new record!
<rbray>	:)
<rbray>	ok then we are adjourned - thanks all
<dechanb>	thanks all
<trevorw>	thanks everyone
<HarisK>	bye	
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