MapGuide RFC 91 - Upgrade Apache/Tomcat to the latest version

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RFC Template Version(1.0)
Submission DateJune 22, 2010
AuthorBuddy Hu
RFC Statusadopted
Implementation Status(under development)
Proposed Milestone(2.3)
Assigned PSC guide(s)Bruce Dechant
Voting HistoryJune 21, 2010
+1Bruce, Trevor, Tom, Paul, Haris, Jason, Robert, Jackie, Zac
no vote


This RFC upgrades Apache and Tomcat to the latest versions, including:

  1. Upgrade Apache to 2.2.15
  2. Upgrade Tomcat to 6.0.29


  1. The current release of Apache included in MGOS is 2.2.11 which has a know issue PR 47672 (

(Apache PR 47672: fix seg fault under load due to pool concurrency problem).

This Apache defect has been corrected in release 2.2.14.

  1. If a user attempts to configure Apache/Tomcat on Windows 64bit they will want to configure Tomcat as a service (this is very important for performance reasons).

The batch script to install the service appears to work, but the service fails to start under Windows Server 2008 64bit.

In order to correct this, we need to install 64 bit Tomcat binaries for the 64 bit version. The first build of Tomcat which includes 64 bit binaries is 6.0.24.

Proposed Solution

Upgrade the exsiting Apache to 2.2.15.

Upgrade the Tomcat to 6.0.29.


The 64 bit Apache is from, which is not an official Apache release.



Test Plan

Build/Run on Windows/Linux.


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