MapGuide RFC 85 - Add SQLite as a load procedure type

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Proposed Milestone2.2
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+1 Tom, Trevor, Bruce, Paul
+0 Jason, Kenneth, Andy, Bob
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Add an SQLite load procedure type to the LoadProcedure schema.


We need a way to get SQLite files uploaded to server; one way to do this is to upload the SQLite file(s) to the repository in a way similar to SDF and SHP files using load procedures.

Proposed Solution

To remain consistent with SDF and SHP, we will use the LoadProcedure resource to store information about how to upload SQLite files to the repository. Client programs can then use this information to produce reproducible loads of client data.

The LoadProcedure schema will be revisioned to LoadProcedure-2.2.0.xsd and SQLiteLoadProcedure will be added to LoadProcedureTypeType:


Old load procedures (1.0.0 and 1.1.0) can still be stored in the repository.

Installer will need to install the new schema?

Test Plan

Store and retrieve a LoadProcedure using the 2.2.0 schema into the repository.


Autodesk to supply resources.

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