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    3333== Proposed Solution ==
    35 TBD
     35Services will be provided by Trevor's company, OTX Systems.  OTX Systems already has a !PayPal account.
    37 This is a more detailed description of the actual changes desired.  The contents of this section will vary based on the target of the RFC, be it a technical change, website change, or process change.  For example, for a technical change, items such as files, XML schema changes, and API chances would be identified.  For a process change, the new process would be laid out in detail.  For a website change, the files affected would be listed.
     37A !PayPal donate button will be placed on the !MapGuide !OsGeo website.  The button will include a hidden tag for builds donations.  Monthly reports of the received donations will be generated by OTX Systems and emailed to PSC members.
     40Xen virtualized hardware will be provided to run the builds.  The following hardware has currently been configured:
     42 * HP DL360 G5 Xen server (CentOS 5) with 8GB of ram and 8 cores (approx $4000)
     43 * HP DL185 G5 NFS server (CentOS 5) with 2GB of ram, 2 cores, and 400GB of disk space running in a RAID10 configuration (approx $6000)
     44 * Private subnet with a single static virtual IP address exposed though a Juniper Netscreen firewall (approx $3000)
     46Additional hardware can be acquired as needed.
     48The hardware is hosted out of Trevor's basement using a cable modem business plan costing $100/month.  The bandwidth should be acceptable for running the builds.  It will not be sufficient to host a public download site.  OTX Systems has a reseller account with a cPanel hosting provider which can be upgraded as required to provide sufficient bandwidth for the download site.  Cost will be determined by bandwidth usage and likely range between $25 and $150/month.
     50The following virtual machines will be set up:
     51 * Windows 2003 domain controller to provide local DNS and user authentication
     52 * Windows 2003 build machine
     53 * Local subversion proxy
     54 * CentOS 5 (x86) build machine
     55 * others?
    3959== Implications ==
    41 This section allows discussion of the repercussions of the change, such as whether there will be any breakage in backwards compatibility, if documentation will need to be updated, etc.
     61Running build hardware out of Trevor's basement is cost effective but high availability cannot be guaranteed.
     63The Windows 2003 virtual machines are licensed through OTX Systems SPLA agreement.  The per user licensing cost under the SPLA agreement is $6/month.
    4365== Test Plan ==
    45 How the proposed change will be tested, if applicable.  New unit tests should be detailed here???
    4769== Funding/Resources ==
    49 This section will confirm that the proposed feature has enough support to proceed.  This would typically mean that the entity making the changes would put forward the RFC, but a non-developer could act as an RFC author if they are sure they have the funding to cover the change.
     71OTX Systems will provide infrastructure and Trevor will maintain the infrastructure in his spare time.
     73The community will provide funding for ongoing maintenance of the build infrastructure.