MapGuide RFC 58 - Setting up a "Donate to Builds" process for the build infrastructure

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Submission DateFeb 2, 2009(Date/Time? submitted)
Last Modified Trevor Wekel Nov 14, 2009
Author Tom Fukushima and Trevor Wekel
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Implementation Status completed
Proposed Milestone2.1
Assigned PSC guide(s) Tom Fukushima
Voting History Feb 5, 2009
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NOTE: This RFC has been superceded by RFC 83 - Project Sponsorship.

This RFC describes the PayPal setup and processes that we will use to allow community members to donate funds to the build infrastructure; and how reports will be provided.


MGOS needs to put together a build environment in order to make things more transparent and to be in control. An important part of this is having build infrastructure that is available to the developers on the internet. Trevor has offered some machines which can be set up to fulfill our needs. However, there are hosting, hardware, and software costs that need to be covered. With this in mind, we feel that a PayPal account should be a viable solution to allow community members to make contributions, no matter what the size, so that we can sustain the builds.

Proposed Solution

Services will be provided by Trevor's company, OTX Systems. OTX Systems already has a PayPal account.

A PayPal donate button will be placed on the MapGuide OsGeo website in the right-hand column under the "OSGeo Community" box of the main page The button will include a hidden tag for builds donations. Monthly reports of the received donations will be generated by OTX Systems and emailed to PSC members.

Xen virtualized hardware will be provided to run the builds. The following hardware has currently been configured:

  • HP DL360 G5 Xen server (CentOS 5) with 8GB of ram and 8 cores (approx $4000)
  • HP DL185 G5 NFS server (CentOS 5) with 2GB of ram, 4 cores, and 400GB of disk space running in a RAID10 configuration (approx $6000)
  • Private subnet with a single static virtual IP address exposed though a Juniper Netscreen firewall (approx $3000)

Additional hardware can be acquired as needed.

The hardware is hosted out of Trevor's basement using a cable modem business plan costing $100/month. The bandwidth should be acceptable for running the builds. It will not be sufficient to host a public download site; any builds that are to be posted need to be copied to the OSGeo download site (process TBD, for now send emails to mapguide-internals).

The following virtual machines will be set up:

  • Windows 2003 domain controller to provide local DNS and user authentication
  • Windows 2003 build machine
  • Local subversion proxy
  • CentOS 5 (x86) build machine


Running build hardware out of Trevor's basement is cost effective but high availability cannot be guaranteed.

The Windows 2003 virtual machines are licensed through OTX Systems SPLA agreement. The per user licensing cost under the SPLA agreement is $6/month.

Test Plan



OTX Systems will provide infrastructure and Trevor will maintain the infrastructure in his spare time.

The community will provide funding for ongoing maintenance and enhancement of the build infrastructure.


May 12, 2009: Until we figure out how to add the donate button to the main page, we have put the donate button prominently on the downloads page.

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