MapGuide RFC 57 - Refining the linux build process and generating install packages

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Currently the Linux build process is rather tricky and doesn't produce packages which can be redistributed. As part of this process the older OEM packages in the source tree will be subsituted with packages that are already available within the distributions


Simplifying the build process will make it easier for both Linux users and developers to get involved with the MapGuide project. Removing the OEM components from the build will drastically reduce both the build time and complexity.

Proposed Solution

Working in a sandbox, a new CMake based build system will be developed. This will include dependency checking and will aim to reduce the number of OEM components required for the build. Some if not all of the OEM components will be substituted with the existing packages available within the normal Linux environment.

Note that for AGG, we need to make sure we continue to use version which still uses LGPL because versions higher than that use GPL.

As part of the CMake build process RPM and Debian style packages will be produced.



Test Plan

Existing test plans will be used to test the outcome of this RFC


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