MapGuide RFC 39 - Add layer name to WMS GetFeatureInfo response

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Submission DateOct 7, 2007
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AuthorChris Claydon
RFC Statusadopted
Implementation StatusImplemented
Proposed Milestone2.0
Assigned PSC guide(s)(when determined)
Voting HistoryOct 31, 2007
+1Jason, Bruce, Andy, Tom


The WMS GetFeatureInfo request is capable of returning information for multiple features. However, it is not possible to determine which features are from which layer(s). A Trac ticket (#225) was created for this problem. This RFC contains a proposal that will allow us to return the layer name of the layer containing each of the queried features.


Applications that make use of MapGuide's WMS support can use the GetFeatureInfo request type to return information about features clicked on by the user. However, it is not possible to determine which layer the features come from, and this restricts the usefulness of this method.

Proposed Solution

The proposed solution is to add an extra property to the set of feature properties returned by the Rendering Service's QueryFeatureProperties method. The property name will be "_MgLayerName" (which is unlikely to conflict with "real" feature property names), and the value will be the name of the layer that contains the feature.

The web tier implementation of the WMS service will extract the layer name from this property and insert it into the WMS response.


The response from the WMS GetFeatureInfo request will now contain the layer name for each returned feature.

Test Plan

The web tier test pages can be used to issue sample requests, and verify that the layer names are included in the response.


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