MapGuide RFC 181 - OpenLayers preview for WMS layers and development HTTP server

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RFC Template Version(1.0)
Submission DateJul 28 2020
Last Modified4 Aug 2020
AuthorJackie Ng
RFC Statusadopted
Implementation Statusimplemented
Proposed Milestone4.0
Assigned PSC guide(s)(when determined)
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This RFC proposes to add a new OpenLayers HTML viewer representation for WMS responses and a new developmental HTTP server to simplify dev/testing of the MapGuide Web Tier.


Currently, there is no built-in previewing mechanism for WMS layers in MapGuide. Right now, to preview a WMS layer from MapGuide requires an external WMS client like QGIS or Gaia to connect to the MapGuide WMS Service.

Another tangential problem is that the development/testing of mapagent C++ code in the MapGuide Web Tier is severely hampered by the need to stand up a full-blown instance of Apache httpd or IIS in front of the mapagent binaries. Having a simple http server that integrates the mapagent handling code can rapidly improve development and iteration of mapagent functionality.

Proposed Solution

Add cpp-httplib to Oem. This is a MIT-licensed header-only C++11 library for easily implementing a HTTP web server.

Add a new MgDevHttpServer project to the WebTier solution. This project is a simple console application using cpp-httplib that sets up a mapagent for testing/development purposes. This http server should not be used as a production or public-facing http server.

Update our WMS templates to include a HTML template for WMS GetMap previews with OpenLayers.

Update our WMS implementation to support a new FORMAT of application/openlayers. If this parameter value is supplied, an OpenLayers HTML preview of the given WMS layer is rendered instead of a map image.

Add a new MgWebTestRunner project to the WebTier solution. This is a skeleton catch2-based test runner that we can expand in the future with more test cases relating to the Web Tier.

This is already implemented and ready-to-merge in the ogc_viewer_representation sandbox. Upon adoption of this RFC, it will be merged into trunk.


None. This is a new output format for an existing operation.

Test Plan

Verify GetMap requests produce an OpenLayers preview of the WMS layers if a FORMAT of application/openlayers is provided

Funding / Resources


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