MapGuide RFC 174 - Remove GD Renderer

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Submission Date13 Jun 2019
Last Modified17 Jun 2019
AuthorJackie Ng
RFC Statusimplemented
Implementation Statuscomplete
Proposed Milestone4.0
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This RFC proposes to remove the GD image renderer support from MapGuide.


MapGuide current has 2 image-based map renderers:

  • One using the GD library
  • One using Anti-Grain Geometry (AGG) library

Since MapGuide Open Source 2.0, the AGG renderer has been the designated default image-based map renderer.

Although a serverconfig.ini setting exists to change this over to GD, it is unlikely that many users are actually aware of this setting (and would be using the GD renderer as a result).

To simplify the burden of maintenance and future image rendering enhancement work, we should focus on only a single image renderer going forward: The AGG renderer.

Proposed Solution

Remove the GD renderer from the Renderers project.

Where renderer names were being checked in the rendering service to determine GD/AGG renderer, remove such code paths and always assume the AGG renderer.

Remove the Renderer property from serverconfig.ini

This RFC does not remove our use of the GD library altogether. We will still retain the use of the GD library for image format conversions where needed.


The renderer name on any render profiling result will now always be "AGG"

Test Plan

Ensure all existing rendering tests still pass after GD renderer removal.

Funding / Resources


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