MapGuide RFC 172 - Adopt C++11 as the minimum compiler language version

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Submission Date23 May 2019
Last Modified23 May 2019
AuthorJackie Ng
RFC Statusdraft
Implementation Status
Proposed Milestone4.0
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This RFC proposes to switch to C++11 compilation mode as default throughout the whole C++ source code of MapGuide.

The goal of this RFC is to request and achieve agreement on using C++11 as the minimum required version of the C++ programming language standard.


C++11 is the first major update of the C++ standard since 1998. (?C++03 was a bug fix release.)

Having fewer versions of C++ to support will reduce the load on developers and testing systems.

C++11 features aim to promote writing clean, compact, type-safe and fast code. It also delivers better feature-wise compatibility with the C language (C99).

The Wikipedia article at ? does a great job describing all changes in C++11 extensively.

The std::auto_ptr smart pointer, together with a bunch of other features, were deprecated and will be removed from C++17. Features like std::unique_ptr provide much stronger replacements.

Enabling C++11 compilation mode will improve the programming environment making it much friendlier than C++98.

A social factor: since (many) C++ programmers no longer enjoy C++98, allowing C++11 mode may increase potential for new contributions.

From a purely-MapGuide perspective:

  • Establishing C++11 as the baseline puts us in a place to finally take advantage of some libraries which we couldn't in the past (hindering development of some new features as a result) as those libraries themselves require a C++11 compliant compiler to build.
  • Also FDO implicitly now requires a C++11 compliant compiler on Linux anyways due to the removal of boost and replacing them with C++11 standard library features (eg. std::mutex), so it make some sense to be on the same page regarding the expected C++ standards compilation mode.

Compilers Landscape

Summary of compilers supported by MapGuide with their minimal versions required to compile source code based on C++11 features.


GCC 4.8.1+ C++11 status Debian 8 (stable), Ubuntu 15.04+, Ubuntu 14.04 ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/test, Fedora 19+, RHEL7
Clang3.3+ C++11 status Debian 8 (stable), Ubuntu 14.04+, Fedora 19+, CentOS 6(?)
MSVC 14.0+ (2015)C++11 statusn/a


The C++14 compilers are listed for comparison only:

GCC 4.9+
MSVC 14.0+ (2015)

Proposed Solution

Windows: No changes required.

Linux/CMake: The CMake build will set default compiler flags to build in C++11 standards mode.

Actual porting of the MapGuide codebase to take advantage of C++11 language features and constructs is not in the scope of this RFC. This RFC is merely seeking consensus that we should now require a C++11 compliant compiler as a minimum requirement to build MapGuide.

The porting of the codebase will be an on-going activity done after adoption of this RFC.


Windows is not impacted, we will not make any compiler settings changes.

When compiling on Linux, a C++11-compliant compiler is now required.

Test Plan

Verify existing test suites still pass on Linux after activating C++11 compilation mode.

Funding / Resources


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