MapGuide RFC 144 - DWF Toolkit Upgrade

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RFC Template Version(1.0)
Submission Date11 Aug 2014
Last Modified24 Sep 2014
AuthorJackie Ng
RFC Statusadopted
Implementation Statuscompleted
Proposed Milestone3.0
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This RFC updates MapGuide to use the latest version of DWF Toolkit (7.7)


MapGuide is currently using an old version of the DWF Toolkit (7.1). To avoid interoperability issues between MapGuide/AIMS and other current Autodesk products that use DWF, we should be using the (same?) latest version of the DWF Toolkit.

Previously, our ability to upgrade was hampered by the need to support the DWF eMap functionality. Having removed this functionality in RFC139, we can now proceed with this upgrade.

Proposed Solution

Upgrade existing DWF Toolkit in Oem to the latest 7.7 release


Upgrading to DWF Tookit 7.7 requires the following minor code changes in MapGuide:

  • DWFPackageVersionExtension becomes DWF6PackageVersionExtension
  • DWFPackageWriter becomes DWF6PackageWriter

Linking the Whip3D toolkit static library is now required on all consuming project files on Windows to avoid unresolved symbols when linking the DWF Toolkit static library.

Supporting DWFx Drawing Sources or plotting out to DWFx files is not in the scope of the RFC. Enabling such functionality in MapGuide is the scope of another RFC.

Test Plan

Build/Run on Windows/Linux. Ensure existing ePlot output functionality, rendering from Drawing Sources and Drawing Service APIs work as before.



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