MapGuide RFC 112 - sqlite based tile cache

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This is a proposal to implement a secondary tile cache persistance layer using a sqlite db.


The file base tile cache can be problematic for backup or copying due to the massive number of files and directories.

A single sqlite db file per scale level, per tile cache solves this problem.

Generating tiles is currently done using a rather brute force approach, by storing
tiles in a database, it can be queried for existing tiles and only missing tiles
can be requested.

Using a sqlite database will use less disk space than a disk based tile cache.

Proposed Solution

Implement sqlite based persistance as an option for the tile cache.

Utilize FDO as the storage interface, perhaps using GDAL RasterLite

Add additional API methods to the tile service to query and manage the tile cache (TBD)

Some way to convert between tile cache formats (standalone util?)

Each tile would be stored with it's extents/scale, allowing the coverage a tile cache could be visually mapped.



Test Plan

Existing Tile Cache unit tests still apply


Funding / Resources

Ennoble Community(?)

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