MapGuide RFC 101 - Xerces Upgrade

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RFC Template Version(1.0)
Submission Date20 September 2010
Last ModifiedBruce Dechant, 20 September 2010
AuthorBruce Dechant
RFC Statusadopted
Implementation Statusimplemented
Proposed Milestone2.3
Assigned PSC guide(s)Bruce Dechant
Voting History
+1Bruce, Haris, Jackie, Jason, Paul, Tom, Trevor, Zac
no voteBob


This RFC proposes upgrading Xerces to the latest version.


MapGuide uses the Xerces library to perform XML manipulation. The version used by MapGuide is 2.7.0 and the latest version at the time of this RFC is 3.0.1.

Proposed Solution

Upgrade the existing Xerces library to the latest version. Since we are using a source DBXML distribution we will automatically pick up the bundled Xerces it comes with.


Some of the MapGuide server's resource service codebase will need to be modified to use the NEW APIs of the upgraded library due to some of the methods being deprecated. The methods used are all internal and are not publically exposed.

Test Plan

Test existing functionality and stability.



Future Plans

Remove MapGuide's own copy of the source and allow the component to be installed/upgraded by the enduser.


Updated to Xerces 3.1.1 as it was newer than the bundled 3.0.1.

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