MapGuide/FDO version compatibility

The following table lists the versions of FDO and their respective compatible version of MapGuide along with the version of MSVC used to build MapGuide and FDO respectively on Windows.

Attempting to use a different version of FDO from the listed version here for your particular version of MapGuide will not work. Also your version of FDO must have been built with the same MSVC compiler version for your version of MapGuide. This will be true for any official MapGuide and FDO releases

If registering an external FDO provider, make sure that the provider you're registering is built against the compatible version of FDO for your version of MapGuide

MapGuide VersionFDO VersionMSVC Compiler
1.03.1MSVC 2005
1.13.2MSVC 2005
1.23.2MSVC 2005
2.03.3MSVC 2005
2.13.4MSVC 2008
2.23.5MSVC 2008
2.43.7MSVC 2010
2.53.8MSVC 2010
2.63.9MSVC 2012
3.04.0MSVC 2012
3.14.1MSVC 2015
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