Debugging the Server on Windows

Using Visual Studio. Set the startup project as !ServerCore_Mentor. Do a properties on !ServerCore_Mentor and under Debugging, add "run" without the quotes in the Command Arguments edit box.

Debugging the Server on Linux

Use gdb.

Debugging the Web Server Extensions on Windows

The best thing here is to install the web tier first, then copy the debug DLLs to where you have the release ones. It may be good to delete the release DLLs to make sure that you aren't running them. Edit the php.ini file so that it points to the debug DLLs.


Edit httpd.conf so that it points to the debug DLLs.

Somehow attach to the process...


PHP (mapadmin)

By default the bundled php is configured not to display errors for security reasons,
however, if you encounter problems you can enable display of the errors by editing
C:\Program Files\MapGuideOpenSource2.0\WebServerExtensions\Php\php.ini
and changing display_errors = Off to display_errors = On

This is not recommended for production servers as sensitive information may be exposed in the error messages

Debugging the Web Server Extensions on Linux

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