This is a basic "How To" guide on configuring aliases in MapGuide 2.x on a Windows platform. The information provided is based on individual experience in setting up and configuring aliases.


If you are adding an alias to an external file server (i.e. network drive), complete steps 1-4, otherwise go directly to step 5.

  1. Open MapGuide Server 2.x Service properties (Control Panel>Administrative Tools> Services>Mapguide Server 2.x)
  1. Under the Log On properties, add an account that has permission to access the file server.
  1. Click apply.
  1. Stop and restart the Mapguide service.
  1. Login to MapGuide Site Administrator. Go to "Configure External Files". Click on "Add Alias"
  1. To set up an alias to a local drive, add an alias name. Set the "Path to External Folder:" to path name of the local folder. Example: "C:\GISDATA"
  1. To set-up an alias for an external file server (i.e. network drive), use the UNC pathname for "Path to External Folder:". Example: "fileserver/city/utilities/GIS_DATA IS_Data". By experience, setting the path name to a mapped drive (e.g. “R:\city\utilities\GIS_Data”)

will not work properly. Also, if the Mapguide service does not have permission to access the file server, the alias will not work.

  1. Stop and restart the Mapguide service (any changes to the aliases will not change unless you stop and restart the service).

Further Documentation

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