MapGuide 2.2 Build, Install and Configure Guides

MapGuide 2.2 has not been released yet. These guides are targeted at developers or whoever wants to get MapGuide up and running using the latest development source code. This guide is written using branch code, so building trunk code is not guaranteed to be successful. This document will be updated as MapGuide progresses through the beta and release candidate phases. MapGuide 2.2 compiles against FDO 3.5 on both Windows and Linux.


MapGuide 2.2 has been developed against GCC 4.1. Later versions of GCC have not been tested. The /usr/include/asm/atomic.h header has been removed from GCC 4.1 and later versions, but some of MapGuide's Oem dependencies still look for it. A replacement for atomic.h based on GCC 4.1 intrinsics can be downloaded from the attachment of this page. The replacement header should be dropped in /usr/include/asm before proceeding with compilation.

Here are more specific compilation guides for various Linux distributions:


MapGuide 2.2 is compiled with Visual Studio 2008 using Visual Studio solution files. Running MapGuide Server and access mapviewer from a browser is a two-part process

  1. Build and Install MapGuide from source on Windows 7
  2. Configure Web Extensions on Windows 7

Build FDO

in progress

During the above build processes, FDO binary is used. Now we will build FDO from source code.

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