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Kaliopa Mobile Viewer for OSGeo Mapguide

Used libraries:

Setup instructions:

  • Workrs with ASP.NET
  • Put content to Mapguide Web Extension Folder ($\mapguide\Web\www\)
  • Copy Mapguide .NET DLL-s (from $\mapguide\Web\www\mapviewernet\bin\) to $\KaliopaMobileViewer\bin\
  • In IIS Create virtual directory and Convert it to Application
  • Use it like mapviewerajax (call it with WEBLAYOUT Query String parameter)


  • Optimized for Mobile devices and works also in classic browsers
  • Functions:
    • Select on map by point, line, polygon
    • Chose layer to selet if more than one is turned on while selecting by line or polygon
    • Measure
    • Intersect trought point
    • Mobile Layer Tree
    • Legend Image
    • Show report (attributes) of selected objects in table
    • Go to Coordinate
    • Permalink
    • Modified Geolocation
    • Keyboard navigation
    • ESC key for clear selection, measure, ..., cancel comand ...
    • ...

More info:

YouToube video:

Demo site:

Full version (with base layers and other stuff):

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