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Topology Framework .NET

TF.NET (Topology Framework .NET) represents a topology manipulation API capable of handling managed objects representation of topological entities based on other popular APIs, exposing it's JTS-based common topology manipulation core to them.

JTS Topology Suite is, in fact, an API providing spatial object model and fundamental geometric functions, providing a complete, consistent, robust implementation of fundamental 2D spatial algorithms. It implements geometry model defined in the OpenGIS Consortium Simple Features Specification for SQL. JTS port for .NET was named NetTopologySuite (NTS), and is fully conformant to Microsoft .NET 2.0 specification. NTS extends JTS with numerous coordinate transformation and other functions, while TF.NET extends NTS further, including additional IO functions and generic classes related to geometry graphs. Recent TF.NET additions were also related to porting JCS Conflation Suite to .NET.

Supported external managed APIs include:

  • OSGeo Feature Data Objects (FDO) geometries
  • OSGeo MapGuide Server (FDO-based) geometries
  • Autodesk ObjectARX geometries (a.k.a. entities)

TF.NET project is hosted on Google Code:

TF.NET Reader/Writer for MapGuide

A reader/writer for geometric primitives exposed by OSGeo MapGuide Server. Although MapGuide relays on it's own (FDO-based) spatial filters, there are situations when they are simply not enough - most often FDO providers don't expose necessary spatial filtering by design. On the other hand, you can use rich JTS API to perform targeted geospatial analysis and bounce results back to MapGuide in some form (i.e. redlining, feature or spatial filter, etc).

For more info see TF.NET Reader/Writer for MapGuide wiki page:

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