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Memory leaks in GwsQueryEngine

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From mapguide-users:

Hi all!

FdoFilter * IGWSQueryDefinition::Filter()
function returns "FdoFilter *" that is supposed to be wrapped in
FdoPtr<FdoFilter>, am I right?

then in next places it is not wrapped and causes memory leaks:
1) MapGuide\Server\src\Gws\GwsQueryEngine\GwsFeatureSourceQuery.cpp
in function:
CGwsPreparedFeatureQuery * CGwsFeatureSourceQuery::PrepareFeatureQuery(...)

we should replace next:
stat = pQuery->Init ( sellist, orderByCols, orderingOption, pFQuery->Filter

FdoPtr<FdoFilter> pFilter = pFQuery->Filter();
stat = pQuery->Init(sellist, orderByCols, orderingOption, pFilter);

2) MapGuide\Server\src\Gws\GwsQueryEngine\GwsQueryDefinition.cpp
in function:
firstQuery, IGWSQueryDefinition* secondQuery)

we should replace next:
, secondQuery->Filter()))

FdoPtr<FdoFilter> pFirstQuryFilter = firstQuery->Filter();
FdoPtr<FdoFilter> pSecondQuryFilter = secondQuery->Filter();

I have catched those leaks during connection to SDF provider and after first
fix my leaks dissapeared.
I also have tried to connect to SHP provider with simular code but got
another memory leaks. I haven't figure out where they come from yet, but I
suppose it can be from SHP provider implementation side.
Myabe someone have some information about it?

Best Regards,

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In 9737:

Plug several leaks in GwsQueryEngine?. Reported by artem on mapguide-users mailing list.

Fixes #2825

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