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Some software in older versions is used in MapGuide

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The problem: MapGuide depends or use some other software or libraries. Many of them have been included in MapGuide code repository in their current version at a certain point in the past and compiled together with MapGuide.


  • repository is very big
  • compilation takes a very long time and is cumbersome
  • many software in older version have known bugs, performance issues and security issues
  • a lot of effort is needed for the developer to upgrade to a newer version of each software, that becomes old quite quickly
  • in all OS much of the software is already available in a newer version, both as source code and in binary version
  • it is difficult to state which version is used for each software without inspecting README or HISTORY files
  • it is not clear if there have been MapGuide specific customizations to the source codes and probably the customization is not available as patch set
  • from a systemistic point of view it is difficult to explain to clients why there is the need of an outdated and custom apache web servers running an outdated and known to be vulnerable version of PHP.

Since upgrading each software probably involve taking current codebase and trying to apply MapGuide specific customization and/or configuration I would like that this effort could also produce

  • patches against vanilla codebase
  • configuration files that are different w.r.t. the ones shipped with software.

It would be good also to have some wiki pages to track all that information.

This would also help the community to try to adapt mapguide specific configuration to current version, freeing precious development time

In the end it would be possible to track in code repository only patch sets against original software (e.g. patch sets against PHP5_1 or PHP5_3).

A README would help users to download the needed version and apply the patch sets.

This would not prevent to also have a big oem repository to download all already customized code, as it is now, for developers. It would just not be as tightly mandatory

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