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Selection of rasterfiles via MG_DATA_PATH_ALIAS in composite type

Reported by: gBecker Owned by: jng
Priority: low Milestone: Maestro-3.0
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When creating a new GDAL FeatureSource and choosing composite type there is no ability of selecting rasterfiles via the MG_DATA_PATH_ALIAS. It would be nice to have this feature again like in Maestro 2.1.4.

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comment:1 by jng, 13 years ago

Cc: zspitzer added
Version: 2.2.0

My one and only question to ask is: Did this feature actually work in Maestro 2.1.4?

I say that because what we are doing is modifying an XML configuration document, and I don't think that MapGuide does tag substitution on XML configuration documents, meaning MG_DATA_PATH_ALIAS wouldn't be recognised if it comes from an XML config document, and that despite Maestro 2.1.4 producing a syntatically correct XML document, it does nothing.

If this worked in Maestro 2.1.4 and layers you make off of it produce the expected results, then I more than happy to put this feature back in. But I personally never worked much with the GDAL raster provider so I couldn't verify whether this feature works as originally intended.

in reply to:  1 comment:2 by gBecker, 13 years ago

I double-checked it (create new featuresource and layerdefinition) and yes, it definitely works for me!

comment:3 by jbirch, 13 years ago

I'm actually surprised that this worked too... I thought that the FDO config file was parsed by the provider, which doesn't have a knowledge of the MapGuide aliases. All of mine have hard-coded paths.

comment:4 by jng, 13 years ago

Ok I've added support for this in r5724. If you can build from source, can you verify this worked as before?

If you can't build from source, then I'll close this ticket anyway and just put out the final release of 3.0 and let the first trac ticket filed on this matter to tell me it doesn't work :)

comment:5 by jng, 13 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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comment:6 by jng, 10 years ago

Are you really sure MG server will do alias substitution on configuration documents?

My findings have been that this is not the case as alias substitution is not set for resource data files (of which a configuration document is one of).

I've made a ticket for this (#2433), but I'm not keen on fixing it for 2.6 as AIMS 2015 probably has been released and I want to keep this current behavior for compatibility purposes.

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