"wxWidgets Users Survey

We are keen to find out what people are doing with wxWidgets, so please copy the form below, paste into your email client, fill out and send to Julian Smart [julian at]. We will then add you to the wxWidgets Users page, and if requested to the wxCommunity Downloads page.

Thank you!"

wxWidgets/wxPython Application Description

Organisation Name: Open Source Geospatial Foundation [? or GRASS ?]
Organisation Web Site:
Country: Worldwide
Contact Name:
Contact Email:
Application Name: GRASS GIS
Application Web Site:
Application Domain (e.g. Telecommunications, Insurance, ...): Mapping, geography, environmental and archaeological science, urban and regional planning.
Commercial/Research/Open Source/Internal Use/Other: Open Source
Application Short Description (1 to 4 lines): Geographic information system for digital mapping, spatial data management and analysis, remote sensing, and geospatial modeling. GUI in wxPython for interactive visualization, management, and analysis of complex, multidimensional geospatial data.

Application Long Description (optional):

Version of wxWidgets: 2.8
Platform(s): Linux, Mac OSX, MS Windows, AIX, Solaris, BSD
Used wxPython? (Y/N): Y
Approximate number of application users (optional): Thousands
Rating of wxWidgets (1-5, 1 = poor, 5 = excellent): 4+
Comments on your wxWidgets experiences (optional): Rich, robust, and very diverse tool set for GUI development. Cross-platform compatibility very good overall. Up-to-date look and feel. wxPython seems easier to use relative to capabilities compared with competing GUI platforms. Could use better documentation--especially for wxPython--and simple code examples for each control would be very welcome ( is very good, but could be better documented and syntax examples in documentation would be helpful). Sometimes slow responding to bug reports.

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