This page collects ideas about wxGUI Data Catalog development. The main goal is to implement an application integrated into Layer Manager (as a new tab) and standalone application as g.gui.datacatalog.

Current implementation in trunk is refactored (using TreeModel, TreeView) and allows to:

  • rename maps
  • remove maps
  • copy maps
  • move maps
  • drag and drop for copying and moving
  • perform these actions even outside the current mapset or location (achieved by using separate environment) when unlocked
  • searching, filtering maps based on pattern
  • display map if in current location
  • show metadata for any map
  • reload mapset or GRASS database

Pool for advanced features:

  • copy maps from different locations with different projection (requires reprojection)
  • copy maps from different locations with the same projection (v.pack/r.pack? r3.pack missing)
  • drag and drop maps into map canvas
  • preview of maps
  • show metadata
  • bulk operations (remove, copy, rename)
  • add your idea here...

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