Main problems

  • Currently when digitizer crashes, the whole GUI also crashes.
    • Caused by the bad handling of the memory by digitizer or...?
    • Requires complete re-design of vector digitizer.

Requested functionality

Update the list, add links to tickets

Proposal: Use pygrass

Use pygrass to access vectors.

Basic usage

  • possibly better and easier memory handling
  • will improve also pygrass
  • avoids code duplication (some interface would be needed for digitizer anyway)

Solving the crashing in the future

  1. use pygrass
  2. use factory design pattern
    • create objects using factory
    • everyone expects the interface provided by pygrass
  3. create new set of classes with the same interface as pygrass
    • these classes are using modules and not library calls
    • other implementations are also possible
  4. replace old factory with the new creating new classes
  5. it is possible to switch between these two ways dynamically
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