This page is outdated, contact web master of GRASS web pages if you want to contribute.

Subversion GRASS Web pages repository

With the subversion client software installed, the current GRASS Web pages can be extracted using the command:

  svn checkout grass-web

You can browse the raw content here:

Who can edit

Regular GRASS contributers who want write access to the website should ask for it on the grass-dev website. You don't have to be a programmer. Don't worry about getting stuck with SVN or editing the HTML, it's really not that bad and there is a huge amount of help out there on the web. We've kept the HTML very simple on purpose.


A web page's structure is generally held in a *.php file, the page content is generally saved in a *.inc file. Inside you will generally find standard HTML markup. The website hierarchy should be obvious.

Edit the page in your favorite text editor. Do not use web page editing software, that will insert all sorts of custom formatting junk into the page and then no one else will be able edit it by hand.

Current Web update

Committers should take care to use https for access, and use their OSGeo Userid for authentication. A commit command might look something like:

  svn diff somefile.php
  # review changes
  svn commit -m "Extended description" somefile.php --username neteler

After your first commit SVN will remember your OSGeo user id and password so --username only has be used the first time.

Currently, a cronjob reads several times a day at the contents from SVN and updates the web pages. Various mirror sites are sync'ing via rsync.

Reverting a change

You committed a change and, oh!, this should not have happened? Then revert it! Get the changeset number (and the previous one) from "timeline" above, then:

   svn merge -r 31242:31241
   svn ci -m"reverted last change" file_which_was_changed.html

Near Future

The idea is to migrate all Web site to Drupal. A test server has been installed at . This will eventually become the content of

More on the plan here:

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