Submitting wxGUI

GUI is divided into components. One component is usually placed in one directory.

Remember that functionality such as generating plots should be primarily provided by library or modules not GUI.

Try to create create also g.gui.* module for the new GUI component. It helps advanced users to access functionality and developers to test it. Moreover, it helps to keep components separated and thus, it supports re-usability.

File structure

Add a header section to each file you submit and make sure you include the copyright. The purpose section is meant to contain a general over view of the code in the file to assist other programmers that will need to make changes to your code. For this purpose use Python docstring.

The copyright protects your rights according to GNU General Public License (

Please use the following docstring template:

@package dir.example

@brief Short example package description

 - example::ExampleClass

(C) 2012 by the GRASS Development Team

This program is free software under the GNU General Public License
(>=v2). Read the file COPYING that comes with GRASS for details.

@author First Author <first>
@author Second Author <second>
@author Some Other <third> (some particular change)

Documentation and comments

Some information about docstrings:

  • always use """triple double quotes""" around docstrings
  • there's no blank line either before or after the docstring
  • add information on the parameters used by the function you have to use the following format
    :param TYPE NAMEPARAM: explanation
    where TYPE is the type (bool, str, int) of parameter and it is optional; NAMEPARAM is the name of parameter
  • add information about the return of function using
    :return: explanation
  • add reference to classes and function using
  • add TODO in docstring as follow
    .. todo::
        information todo
    in similar way you can add warning and note.

When using class Signal from grass.pydispatch.signal, write a short description to as a constructor parameter and describe implementation details in standard comments before the definition. Note the signal in each function which is invoking it.

Writing the code

Do not use print command unless you know what you are doing.

Use wx.ID_ANY instead of -1.

Use GError, GWarning and GMessage instead of wx.MessageBox()

Do not use grass.run_command() or grass.read_command(). Use functions and classes which use threads such as RunCommand.

When using AddGrowableCol and/or AddGrowableRow with sizers, put it after adding widgets into the sizer, not just after creating of the sizer (needed for wxPython >= 2.9).

For translatable strings use underscore:

_("User visible text")

The underscore function must be explicitly imported:

from core.utils import _


See also

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