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Google Summer of Code Projects



Python high level map interaction for GRASS GIS

  • Abstract
  • Student: Pietro Zambelli
  • Mentor: Sören Gebbert
  • Backup mentors: Luca Delucchi, Martin Landa
  • Wiki page

GRASS GIS WxGui front end for vector analysis modules

Image Segmentation in GRASS GIS


Completion of wxGUI Nviz extension for 3D data visualization in GRASS GIS

  • Abstract
  • Student: Anna Kratochvilova
  • Mentor: Martin Landa

Graphical User Interface for the hydrological tools* in GRASS GIS

  • Abstract
  • Student: Margherita Di Leo
  • Mentor: Jarek Jasiewicz

GRASS wxGUI WMS service rendering for GRASS GIS

  • Abstract
  • Student: Luca Delucchi
  • Mentor: Markus Neteler


See also GRASS SoC Ideas 2010. See also 2010 Accepted OSGeo projects.

wxNviz development for enhanced 3/4D visualization and analysis

  • Abstract
  • Student: Martin Landa
  • Mentor: Helena Mitasova

GPU accelerated imagery resampling and reprojection

(shared project with GDAL)

  • Abstract
  • Student: Seth Price
  • Mentors: Frank Warmerdam, Wolf Bergenheim, Philippe Vachon


See also GRASS SoC Ideas. See also Accepted OSGeo projects.

GRASS - Network Analysis

v.autokrige: Python porting and wxPython GUI addition

OssimPlanet integration in Grass and Qgis

(an OSSIM project, in collaboration with QGIS and GRASS)


See also Accepted OSGeo projects.

Reimplement And Add Features to Buffer Generation Module in GRASS

2.5/3D visualization tool for wxPython GRASS GUI

Reimplementation of v.voronoi and v.delaunay modules in the Vector library of GRASS GIS using more efficient algorithms


See also Accepted OSGeo projects.

GRASS Modules for line generalization and smoothing

Shortest path in free (vector) space avoiding obstacles module in GRASS

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