GRASS GIS Sample Dataset Piemont, Italy

Description and discussion of (future) standardized GRASS GIS 7 dataset - an updated GRASS GIS 7 location to be used in manual pages, tutorials, courses, code testing, development and perhaps OSGeo Live.

Note: The user-oriented page with examples and list of existing datasets is at GRASS Wiki: GRASS GIS Standardized Sample Datasets.

Contributors: Luca Delucchi, Markus Neteler, [contribute and add yourself]

Background information

From Wikipedia: Piedmont (/ˈpiːdmɒnt/; Italian: Piemonte, pronounced [pjeˈmonte]; Piedmontese and Occitan: Piemont; French: Piémont) is one of the 20 regions of Italy. It has an area of 25,402 square kilometres (9,808 sq mi) and a population of about 4.6 million. The capital of Piedmont is Turin.

Data sources:

Basic Piemont location with PERMANENT mapset

This is based on the original Piemont location with simplified, standardized names for map layers, some updates (work in progress).

Common rules

  • Names of maps/layers must be the same for all standardized datasets. No additions to names such as _10m or _wake_county are allowed. This also implies that names must be in English, national language is not allowed for national standardized datasets (however, if desired, we can can work on a script which would automatically rename multiple maps in dataset and would also find and replace names in documentation and tutorials).
  • Description in tables here should be usable as title of the map. Separate details in description, which should not be part of the title, using commas or parentheses. Titles can differ between standardized datasets and can use national language (unlike names).

Raster maps

  • resolution and extent (in the sense of number of rows and columns) should be the same of very similar for all standardized datasets (obviously, actual geographical extent can be different)
  • standard resolution: 25m (marked as std)
  • standard rows x columns (cells): xxx (x) (marked as std)
name area description resolution rows x columns (cells) note
basins Piemont Watersheds derived from xxx std std ARPA Piemonte web service
elevation Piemont Elevation EU-DEM std std
elevation_shade Piemont Shaded relief std std TODO shaded of elevation map
geology Piemont Geology derived from a vector map std std BDGeo100 - Litologia
lakes Piemont Piemont lakes std std
landuse Piemont Landuse in 2007 100m std eea_corine_2007_100m_piemonte.tif
orthophoto Orbassano orthophoto (R, G, B, NIR) 0.5m orbassano_orto_rgb.tif, orbassano_orto.tfw, orbassano_orto.tif (NIR: TODO)
soils Piemont soil type should be vector data? TODO: no access to "Cartografia dei suoli"!

Vector maps

name area for NC description for NC feature type number of features note
buildings Orbassano building footprints polygon/faces map edifici_osm_UTM_32_WGS84.shp
boundary_municipalities Piemont Piemont municipalities map polygon map comuni_UTM_32_WGS84.shp
boundary_region Piedmont Piedmont boundary polygon map ISTAT
boundary_state Italy Italian regions boundaries polygon map ISTAT
census Piedmont Piedmont census blocks with attributes, clipped polygon TODO
firestations Piedmont fire stations points map OpenStreetMap
geology Piedmont Piedmont petrology map polygon map Piemonte
geonames Piedmont Piedmont geonames data points map geonames (should be filtered??)
hospitals Piedmont Piedmont hospitals points map OpenStreetMap
history_markers Piedmont move to archeology mapset? TODO
parcels for CC or rural area polygon map TODO
points_bare_surface CC or rural points map bare ground lidar points for interpolation Piemonte, but they are not LiDAR point
points_of_interest Piedmont Piedmont points of interest points map OpenStreetMap historic + tourism=museum + tourism=artwork
railroads Piedmont Piedmont railroads lines map Piemonte
roadsmajor Piedmont Piedmont main roads lines map autostrade_UTM32_WGS84.shp + strade_statali_UTM32_WGS84.shp (source?). legend: A,Autostrade;P,Strade provinciali;R,Strade regionali;S,Strade statali;T,Strade provinciali (ex statali)
schools Piedmont Piedmont schools points map OpenStreetMap (only point data)
streams Piedmont Piedmont streams lines map fiumi_UTM_32_WGS84.shp
streets Piedmont Piedmont minor roads lines map strade_comunali_UTM32_WGS84.shp + strade_provinciali_UTM32_WGS84.shp
zipcodes Piedmont zip codes polygon map TODO

Specialized Mapsets

  • Landsat
    • LS7-Italy-UTM32N-RGB_03_03.tif, LS7-Italy-UTM32N-RGB_04_02.tif, LS7-Italy-UTM32N-RGB_04_03.tif, LS7-Italy-UTM32N-RGB_05_02.tif, LS7-Italy-UTM32N-RGB_05_03.tif, LS7-Italy-UTM32N-RGB_05_04.tif, LS7-Italy-UTM32N-RGB_06_02.tif, LS7-Italy-UTM32N-RGB_06_03.tif
  • SRTM (easy download with addon)
    • SRTM_grezzo_piemonte_utm32wgs84.tif,
    • SRTM_piemonte_shaded_utm32wgs84.tif
    • SRTM_piemonte_utm32wgs84.tif
    • srtm_torino.asc
  • MODIS Land Surface Temperature (LST) data: 10 years of monthly average

Download of draft location package

Main location

Specialized mapsets

  • MODIS LST - Gap-filled Land Surface Temperatures, monthly averages, 2004-2014 (377 MB)
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