GRASS GIS 6.3.0RC2 Release


Overview of Changes

Library changes

  • fixed definition of US survey foot (Glynn Clements)
  • fix so that ESC-ENTER always works in MS-Windows (Moritz Lennert)

Module changes

  • gis.m/georect: fix broken message which crashed the tool (Michael Barton)
  • gis.m: new nice manual pages for GEORECT, ANIMATE and PROILE tool (Michael Barton)
  • g.region: GUI crash with accented characters (non English locale) (Maris Nartis, Hamish Bowman)
  • g.version newline fix (Hamish Bowman)
  • r.coin,, more precise conversions for square miles, feet, and acres (Hamish Bowman)
  • r.los: Misc. fixes (Hamish Bowman)
  • r.mapcalculator: Replace UTF-8 encoded NBSP characters with normal ASCII spaces (merge from HEAD) (Glynn Clements)
  • r.out.tiff/db.execute manual bug for extensions (Paul Kelly)
  • r.stats complilation fix for Slackware (Huidae Cho)
  • r.terraflow: changed to GPL (Laura Toma, Glynn Clements)
  • various portability fixes (Glynn Clements)
  • v.generalize and added from GSoC project (Daniel Bundala, Maximilian Maldacker, Wolf Bergenheim)
  • v.vol.rst: write out dnorm and related interpolation parameters (Markus Neteler)

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