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PSC Meeting 2021-07-29: Celebrating GRASS 38th birthday


  • Vero Andreo (PSC chair)
  • Helena Mitasova
  • Anna Petrasova
  • Vaclav Petras
  • Huidae Cho
  • Other devs and members of the community: Soeren Gebbert, Paulo van Breugel, Caitlin Haedrich, Linda Kladivova, Milena, Jeff McKenna


The topics proposed were:

  • Agree on a fixed date for meetings to avoid the doodle voting, eg. the first Tuesday every 3 months or so
  • GRASS 7.8.6 release: once g.extension fix is backported, are we ready?
  • GRASS 8 release: what is the status? can we have it out before FOSS4G?
  • GSoC status
  • Sponsoring: we received 2k € from, send thank you email to lists, communicate that we have opencollective
  • Presence in social media: create weekly content, show GSoC progress, new addons
  • RFC Python version: nothing changed from previous meeting
  • AGM
  • ...


  • Fix a day for quarterly PSC meetings to avoid sending a doodle every time
    • Since we were few PSC members, we decided to send out the last doodle or email by september with options to set a fixed day and time from now on
  • GRASS GIS 8 release schedule
  • GRASS GIS 7.8.6 release schedule
    • with the g.extension fix being merged, we are ready for a RC2 stage
    • we need to clarify what needs to be done on the server side regarding new addon's repository structure, so all new addons appear online here:
  • Sponsoring
    • OpenCollective:
      • It is in place ( and we were granted admin rights to configure style
      • However, it seems it does not accept PayPal, possibilities are only bank transfer or credit card
      • Helena will ask the board if that is something that can be configured by OSGeo since they are the fiscal host
    • Donations:
      • We have received ~2K euro from
      • It was suggested to send a "thank you" email around to all sponsors and donors, while using the chance to promote the OpenCollective account
      • Once the email is out, this might be a new item to promote in social media
  • Presence in social media
    • create weekly content for twitter especially
    • upcoming threads will cover GSoC projects, new addon by Paulo van Breugel, FOSS4G presentations and workshops
    • Vero will prepare these
  • Website
    • Launched one year ago, and we still do not have a search engine
    • Nicolas Bozon does not answer emails
  • AGM at FOSS4G 2021
  • Binder button in PR and commits to increase testing by the community
    • Vaclav will investigate further, especially regarding hitting limits in GitHub
    • Avoid it for only manual pages changes or yaml files and such
  • GRASS green color
    • We have 4 different GRASS green colors:
      • official color defined as RGB 0,144,0 for v7.0
      • old website according to the wiki: RGB 0,138,40
      • new website grass green: RGB 8,139,54
      • download logo from new website and check green definition: RGB 11,139,54
    • Going forward: Use the website version (tentatively decided during the meeting, but it turned out there are still 2 greens there: website and download).
  • RFC about Python version
    • we did not discussed this
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